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Sep 26 2015
by Julie Charlebois

Why School Spirit Is Important

By Julie Charlebois - Sep 26 2015

What do you remember most about high school? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the tests or classes. The times I remember most fondly and strongly about were the ones that brought the whole school together as one whole student body. I loved attending pep rallys in the school gymnsium cheering on my classmates as they slide across the floor on a little plastic scooter and screaming at football games until the very last second to support our team.

As a freshmen I remember going into school on the first spirit day and being nagged on by the upperclassmen for not participating in the event of the day. I quickly learned that dressing up in wacky clothes or covering my self with face paint was not only the cool thing to do, but it was fun too.

Having school spirit in college is different than in high school but still an important aspect of a student’s life. Having school spirit can mean tailgating in the parking lot before football games or it can mean joining the universities newspaper or even wearing a university t-shirt. It means creating relationships with everyone connected to the university. It means taking pride in the school you have chosen to attend. It makes the difference between attending a school and being a part of your school.

At Pitt, one of the experiances we treasure most is grabbing hands with our neighboors, weather it be friend or stranger and singing Sweet Caroline after the thrid quarter at Panther football games. In that minute and a half, the whole stadium is a part of something huge. Alumni and current students all singing together.

This connection goes beyond the stadium grounds as well; I love when I am in another state shopping in a mall, wearing a Pitt shirt and someone yells “Hail to Pitt”! I have Penn State friends yell “We Are!” across a crowded airport to receive the response “PENN STATE!” Being a part of your univeristy means you have connections all over the world.

School spirit sets an enviroment across the campus. Whenever I was touring college campuses, I was always excited to see current students stopping and telling me how awesome their school is and perhaps screaming “LET’S GO [insert mascot here]!” That’s what drew me to my univerity. Having pride in your school sets a positive enviroment for not only the campus as a whole but for your own learning experience. Being able to represent something and be proud of it is a part of my college experience I will never forget. It creates a spark of creativity and energy everytime I walk through campus.

Plus, you get a free t-shirt. 

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Julie Charlebois - University of Pittsburgh

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