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Feb 06 2017
by Julian Maceren

A Letter To Donald Trump's America

By Julian Maceren - Feb 06 2017
"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” — Jim Morrison

Dear Donald Trump,

Your tweets scare me. They scare me because as the President of the United States, you have the powerful ability to control the media. You have the power to manipulate the uninformed, to instill in their fragile minds opinions that are not their own. You are capable of moving large audiences with a measly 140 characters, slowly taking their vision and replacing it with the eyes that see your alternate reality. You are the shepherd to the herd of the uninformed who will staunchly follow you to the deepest delusions. You are one of the most powerful people in America and you are playing a dangerous game.

I’m talking specifically about your tweets on “FAKE NEWS” that target media outlets such as CNN and The New York Times. Your defensive tweets suggest your insecurities and your inability to handle criticism, and in response, you dismiss it as fake media. You cannot handle being attacked because all your life you’ve lived sheltered in a castle of privilege, fortified by wealth, power and fame. Any threat that crumbles your fragile sense of entitlement is instantly met with 140 characters of fury that lash out against “FAKE NEWS."

As a president who constantly attacks the media that speaks negatively about you and praises the media that supports you, you are constructing a dangerous reality where you are perfect. You are feeding to this idea that everything you do is great and, in doing so, you are plunging the uninformed deeper into the depths of your delusions. The consequences of your actions frighten me because you are conditioning America to ignore the truth of your presidency. You can potentially drive the country to ruins and manipulate the fragile minds into still seeing you as the greatest president of all time.

This country functions because it’s built on the foundation of criticism against authority. That’s not to say that no leader should be trusted or liked. America has cultivated some of the greatest thinkers in the world because people’s criticisms have moved them to action, to fight against the unjust and to construct a world where people can think freely without authoritarian suppression. However, under your presidency, Donald Trump, you are encasing the country in a box of loyalty, in which people will be conditioned to loving everything you do. Slowly you are manipulating the way people should think of you. You are not making America great again. You are only making your America. 

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Julian Maceren - University of Rochester

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