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Oct 21 2015
by Julia Turpin

The 25 Types of People in Every Dorm

By Julia Turpin - Oct 21 2015

1) The Ones That Think the Hallway is Their Room


There's always that group of people out in the hallway. They eat there, hang out there and even occasionally sleep there. It's like a giant party room in the dorm for them. 

2) The Quiet Ones

They don't speak much but are always there listening to conversations and being the part of a group. When they do speak people listen and it's always a fun time. 

3) The Social Butterfly


They always have their door open, always have people in their room, and seem to know everyone in the building. You marvel at the fact they seem to have the energy to be so social and still balance school and who knows what else. 

4) The Bookworm


They always have their nose in a book either reading or constantly studying. They don't have much time to socialize but can always be seen in the study rooms or lobby getting work done no matter what time of day or night it is.  

5) The Night Owls

They constantly seem tired but every night when the sun goes down they seem wide awake and ready to go out even though you know they desperately need some sleep. They always get in late and barely sleep each night no matter how exhausted they are. 

6) The One Everyone Forgot About

They haven't been seen since move in day and no one ever really notices. Occasionally someone may ask if you've seen so and so or if they still even go to the school, but for the most part no one notices because they never talked to anyone to begin with. 

7) The Walk of Shame Superstar

They never sleep in their room but always manage to sneak back in early in the morning still in their clothes from the night before. Somehow at every party they end up going home with someone new and proudly come home every morning. 

8) The One Always Getting Busy

Instead of doing the walk of shame they always have partners slipping out of their room and sneaking down the hallway after a fun night. "Adult Sleepovers" are a usual for them and after a week or two everyone in the hall just stops noticing the partners of the night leaving the next morning. 

9) The Party Animal


Music is always blasting in their room at all hours of the night. Their room is always loud and seems to have something going on even when no one else wants to be a part of it. A little party never hurt nobody but some people take it to the extreme. 

10) The Watcher

They watch you brush your teeth in the community bathrooms, sit at the window and watch people walk by or just sit in the doorway watching the people interact in the hallway. They are people watchers and can seem a little strange at times but maybe they just zone out watching people. 

11) The One Always Getting Mail

Mom always sending care packages, friends always sending letters and grandparents sending checks constantly through the mail. This kid is set and swimming in the mail their family and friends send to them in what seems like a daily happening. 

12) The Giver

They have candy hanging outside their door for passerby's to take (God bless them), they constantly have snacks they are willing to share with others and are always wanting to lend a helping hand and do what they can for those in the dorm.

13) The Germaphobe


They spray everything with Lysol, have at least two packs of hand sanitizer on them at all times and are constantly cleaning things. They can't stand a mess or touching anything in the public restrooms without the fear of catching a deadly disease. 

14) The One Who Doesn’t Care


They never clean up and always go into the showers with no shower shoes on. It's disturbing how messy they are but you just bite your tongue and let them do them, while you do you, no matter how gross you think it is.

15) The One Always Locked Out

They always forget their key or ID badge and need someone to help them get into the building or room. You've joked around attaching their key to them so they never forget but it has happened so often by this point the jokes gotten serious. 

16) The Space Cadet


They never quite know what is going on. Do I have any homework? Is the dorm doing anything tonight? Oh, I was supposed to go to the presentation tonight. You love them dearly but they just aren't entirely always there.

17) The Popcorn Burner

This hallway has a permanent smell of burnt popcorn because of this person. They are constantly popping popcorn but can never pop it for the right amount of time and always burn it. It's just a smell you've gotten used too.

18) The Borrower

They come knocking on your door almost daily looking for a vacuum, broom, hairdryer, even a laptop charger. It's like everything they need, they don't own, so they just give you excuses and ask to use your things. 

19) The Wannabe Pop Star

When they take a shower, they jam. You can hear them at any point belting their favorite songs as the they take their daily shower. It's just become something your hall has gotten used to over the months.

20) The Mom

They always have the right medicine, band-aids, and anything else a college freshman might need. They are the dorm mom and everyone loves them.   

21) The Martha Stewart

Their room looks like something out of a southern living magazine even though it's a dorm. They cook constantly in the hall dorm kitchen and their food taste amazing. They can craft and make Pinterest pins come to life like no other.

22) The IT Guy


Computer broken? Call this guy. Power in room went out? Ask this guy what to do. Need advice on where to get your phone fixed or the cheapest way to get this new piece of technology? They are the guy for you. 

23) The Comedic Artist


Have a white board on your door... GREAT-this person will gladly draw a dick or other obscure drawings on it so that everyone may see it and laugh. Well, they laughed the first four or five times, now it's just gotten old and no one pays the drawings much attention anymore. 

24) Freshman Plague Patient 0

They are always sick. When the freshman plague started they were the first to hit the bed or catch a fever. They always have a pack of tissues on them and it's a miracle if they can go more than two days healthy. 

25) The Wannabe Rock Star


There's a moment of awkward silence? Don't worry this person will pull out their handy-dandy guitar and strum you a tune so everyone can see how awesome they are. 

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Julia Turpin - University of Georgia

Julia Turpin is a freshman at UGA where she is double majoring in Theatre and Psychology with the hopes to study Music Business. In high school, she was a part of the drama program, Key Club and played soccer. Julia enjoys hiking, going to concerts and Netflix! Follow Julia on Instagram at @jules1439.

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