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Oct 08 2015
by Julia Turpin

The 14 Best Things About Joining A Sorority the First Semester of College

By Julia Turpin - Oct 08 2015

1) You instantly gain a group of amazing friends.

The second you accept your bid, you accept 200+ girls as your family and have 200+ new friends on campus, which in college is a great thing to have. Your sisters are there to love and support you and have fun doing it!  Connecting with your sisters can make your first semester of college so much easier mentally and emotionally. 

2) You become a part of something bigger.


When you join a sorority you become a part of a national organization and the philanthropies that come with it both nationally and locally. One of the greatest parts of being in a sorority is the difference you can make even as a freshman! You can join organizations, participate in philanthropy events, and even volunteer to lead projects. No matter how you do it, by joining a sorority your first semester you will be making a difference and helping others. 

3) You have access to hundreds of closets.

Don't have the perfect shirt for the tailgate this Saturday, still on the lookout for a dress or boots to wear to your next date night, or need an outfit that screams professional for an interview? It's OK! That's what your sisters are there for. All you have to do is ask for help on an outfit and your sisters will jump at the opportunity to help and either sell or let you borrow something from their closet. You never have to worry about not having the perfect outfit again while you're in college!

4) You never have to be alone.

Alone time is healthy. It's good to be alone with your thoughts and reflect while relaxing. However, sometimes it's nice to have someone to text and meet in the dinning hall for lunch or enjoy the beautiful weather outside with, and that my friends is what your sisters are there for. If you write in a group message (or however your pledge class communicates) asking if anyone wants to chill I promise you will get immediate responses and have someone to be with. 

5) Surviving classes is SO much easier.

The first semester of college classes can be overwhelming. How do you prepare for a test or navigate the website all the teachers use to submit papers and grades? When you join a sorority with 200+ sisters, chances are one of them probably has either taken or is taking the class you're studying for, is majoring or minoring in that subject or is just incredibly gifted at studying. If you ask your sisters for help with a class, they'll get you the help you need so that you can keep up your good grades!

6) There's so much free stuff!!!!

Any college student will tell you... the best stuff is free stuff and when you join a sorority your first month you are drowning in free stuff. Your sisters will take you out to dinner, get a coffee, go on trips, and you'll get cute little knick-knacks that have your sorority all over them. Oh, and the T-Shirts. So. Many. T-Shirts. Your closet will be overflowing with your sorority t-shirts, especially after Big-Little reveal.

7) Having a big sister.

Having a big sister on campus your first semester can be the biggest blessing as a freshman. Your Big is there to show you the ropes of college and sorority life, help you in any way she can, pick you up when you need someone there and do all the things a big sister would do. She is ~your person~ while you are in college and the bond you have with your Big is something unique and special that makes your first semester that much more memorable. 

8) There are tons of leadership opportunities.


College is a time when you can step out of your comfort zone and explore new activities and challenges. One way to do this is by applying for leadership positions and challenging yourself with the actives you are passionate about. These opportunities are abundant in sororities with chances to apply for Junior Panhellenic, run for executive positions for your sophomore year, volunteer to lead philanthropy events and activities and so much more. The chances to step up and lead your pledge class are endless, especially your first semester when so many positions are available. 

9) The food is fantastic.

One thing that makes sororities so special is the fact that each house has its own chef and the food that chef makes is always amazing! Yes, most schools have meal plans and great dining halls, but sometimes you need a break and want to eat real food, especially halfway through the semester when you really start to get sick of the dinning hall. Going to the house and stuffing your face with their amazing food for lunch or dinner can brighten your day and help you get through the studying or classes that you still have left. 

10) You have a house on campus to come home to.

Wikimedia Commons

Sorority houses are gorgeous and kept in pristine condition. And what makes them so special... it's your house! When you accept your bid your sorority's house becomes yours to visit sisters in, relax in, study in and even take  a nap in. It's a million times better that the little dorm room you have been living in and you will be grateful that you can go to your home whenever you want, especially halfway through the semester when dorm life becomes too much.

11) You're always aware of opportunities in your community.


In chapter meetings and announcements, organizations in the community will come and offer you deals, discounts and even job opportunities. It's great way to get involved in the community and be aware of the things you school's town has to offer as a freshman. Even if you are not searching for a job your first semester you can still introduce yourself to representatives and have that connection for later in life if you are interested. 

13) You have constant support.


College can be really stressful. If you need someone to help you get through it or just talk about big decisions with, that's what your sisters are there for. They'll be there for you when you need it the most and assist you in anyway you can. When you first get to college, having that type of family is an amazing resource.

14) Your sisters will build you up, and you'll do the same for them. 

Whether you're walking around campus, chilling in the house, at a social, date night or any other event where the world has to see your face, your sisters will build you up and make you feel like you look like a million bucks, even if you don't feel that way. And you'll do the same for them! 

 With all the adjustments that happen the first semester of college, it's such a blessing knowing your sisters love you and will always be there for you. 

Lead Image Credit: Julia Turpin

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Julia Turpin - University of Georgia

Julia Turpin is a freshman at UGA where she is double majoring in Theatre and Psychology with the hopes to study Music Business. In high school, she was a part of the drama program, Key Club and played soccer. Julia enjoys hiking, going to concerts and Netflix! Follow Julia on Instagram at @jules1439.

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