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Nov 04 2015
by Julia Turpin

20 Things All Theatre Majors Are Tired of Hearing

By Julia Turpin - Nov 04 2015

1) "Oh you’re a theatre major… have fun being a waiter!"

The only actors who spend their whole lives as waiters are the actors who aren't constantly pounding the pavement for job opportunities. So thank you, I'll keep that comment in mind while I'm working hard to make a living doing what I love.

2) "What do you plan on even doing with that major?"

Let's see... get a job? Maybe teach, work on a show, in film or come up with my own stuff? Who knows! Believe it or not there is a world of possibilities for Theatre Majors. 

3) "It must be great having a lot of free time!"

Yup between monologue memorization, tech weeks, auditions, actual tests and papers (just like any other major) and who knows what else the theatre asks of me I've got ALL the free time in the world...

4) "Do you have a backup plan?"

I appreciate how much faith you have in me... thanks. I've got a plan with my life and with hard work and dedication this major will take me far. 

5) "So you must be an actor?"

Nope! Never acted a day in my life, but there's so much more to theatre than just acting. Directing, writing, lighting, stage managing, costuming and much more goes into what a theatre major is. 

6) "Yeah, but what’s your real major?"


Theatre. Yes, it's an actual major, with actual classes and professors. Please, try to tell me differently. 

7) "Oh you’re an actor? Act for me!"


How do you know I'm not acting now as I smile and laugh as if I'm enjoying you questioning my major and life choices. 

8) "So can you cry on command? Do it!"

It doesn't matter if I can or not... I'm not going to do it for you. You have to be in a scene with expectations that cause you to feel like crying when they are met or not, you can't just cry for no reason. 

9) "Why? You’re so smart!"

Thank you so much for the compliment and don't you worry I'm putting all these smarts to good use. I'm memorizing lines or cues, designing sets, costumes, lighting, staging and so much more. 

10) "So you just do Shakespeare all day?"


Shakespeare is old, like old old. If Shakespeare was all we theatre majors studied and performed we would get no where in life. Yes, it's good to have a Shakespeare monologue always memorized and being well educated in Shakespeare is important but there are so many recent plays to be performed and analyzed that we focus our attention on more often than Shakespeare.

11) "So you like musicals?"


Do you? Just because I am a theatre major doesn't mean I can name off every musical since the early 1900's. 

12) "Oh so I’ll see you on Broadway one day?"

HA! Maybe if I'm lucky and that's where I want to try ending up. But please don't keep your hopes up or patronize me like that. 

13) "How are you going to make money?"

I'm going to make money the same way your major is going to make you money... by having a job. 

14) "What do your parents think?"


My parents are my parents and none of your business. This is my future, my career, and my college education please do not question me on my parents opinion of my choices unless I bring the topic up myself.

15) "So you want to live in New York City?"

Yup, because the only place to get a job with a degree in theatre is in New York City. There aren't cities like Chicago and LA, other countries, or even community theatres and schools all over the country... Seriously yes New York City is beautiful and offers so many job opportunities but there are other places in the world that offer just as many if not more.



REALLY!!! NO WAY!!! That totally means you know everything and anything about the world of theatre...

17) "WOW can you fake an accent?"

How about no? You don't have to "have" a fake accent to be an accomplished actor it's just something handy to have in your back pocket for specific auditions. 

18) "So you sing and dance?"


SOME of us can sing. SOME of us can dance. SOME of us are lucky enough to sing, dance, and act. Not all of us can though, so please don't assume every theatre major can burst into song while doing a tap routine. 

19) "I didn’t know you could act!"


No, but I can design a set, write a script, and direct a play which makes me just as much a theatre major as any actor. 

20) "You don’t look like an actor."


Thank you for that personal observation. I'll put it here, next to the rest of comments I've been given that I don't actually care about. There is no certain "look" for an actor. Actors play actual people so they all look different—fat, tall, skinny, short you name it. 

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Julia Turpin - University of Georgia

Julia Turpin is a freshman at UGA where she is double majoring in Theatre and Psychology with the hopes to study Music Business. In high school, she was a part of the drama program, Key Club and played soccer. Julia enjoys hiking, going to concerts and Netflix! Follow Julia on Instagram at @jules1439.

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