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Nov 06 2015
by Julia Turpin

15 Life Hacks for Dorm Life

By Julia Turpin - Nov 06 2015

1) Use a rubber band to keep your door from latching behind you.

If you want to step out in the hallway to talk to friends or run down to the ice machine at the end of the hall, this is a helpful trick for those who don't want to constantly carry their keys around. If your door can't stay unlocked, all you need to do is take a rubber band and wrap it around both of the door handles so that it hold the latch in.

2) Tape dryer sheet over AC.

This is a nice to trick to know if you want your room smelling as wonderful as your clean cloths. You simply tape a dryer sheet to the front of your air conditioner so that it blows out fresh smelling air. This can also work with fans; just take the dryer sheet to the back of the box fan and get the same effect. 

3) Sunglasses as a port to hold phone up.

For those times when we love watching Netflix or YouTube but don't have our laptops with us. Holding your phone while you watch a video can be exhausting so create an easy port to support your phone by leaning it on your sunglasses and enjoy.

4) Use a pants hanger to hang a book.

This is a nice trick to keep in your back pocket when you have a lot of reading to do and want to multitask. Use a hanger to clip the book and hang it off your door handle, bed, or wherever you see that is convenient. 

5) Cell phone under water bottle.


This is something fun you can do on a lazy day in the room with friends. Instead of just chilling in the room one night turn off the nights and place your phone under a bottle to create an awesome lantern.

6) Spring from old cord to save charger.

Think of how much money is spent on new cell phone and computer chargers because the cable eventually bends too much and breaks. Take a spring and wrap it around the cord, it will help keep everything straight and save you a little money in the future. 

7) Old toilet paper rolls as speakers.


Don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for speakers? Here are some easy DIY speakers that barely cost anything! Take an empty toilet  paper roll and cut a hole in the middle for your phone to sit in, stick thumb tacks in the bottom to hold it up and enjoy your music on your new speakers.

8) Nail polish to identify your keys.

House key (for back home), mailbox key, dorm key, and who knows what else you need a key for! Bottom line, that's a lot of keys and painting them to keep track of them is the best way to make sure you never fumble to find the right key. 

9) Use old toilet paper rolls to organize boxes.

Look, a handy dandy way to organize all your chords and what-not in a nice box because when you are living in a dorm, storage is very limited and you will take what you can get. 

10) Old lotion bottle into a cord holder

Here is a cute and crafty way to hold your phone when it is charging. Cut a lotion bottle open and paint it all cute then cut a square in the top for your charger and you are good to go. 

11) Mark your water bottles.

This is a cute and crafty way for you to decorate your water bottle and make sure you drink enough during the day! Decorate your water bottle and the make down the bottle for how much you want to drink by a certain time. 

12) Carabiner to carry multiple bags.

Instead of making multiple trips after a big run to the Target use a carabiner to hold all your bags and carry that instead. 

13) Soda Pop Tabs to Hang Hangers

This is a cheap and easy way to create more room in your tiny dorm closet. 

14) Hide emergency money in empty chapstick containers.


Instead of throwing out your empty chapstick container put some emergency money in it for when you go out. It's a cheap and easy way to make sure you're never stranded with no money.

15) Pencil or sunglass case to hold cables in backpack.

This is a simple way to carry your cables to class and the library with you and not having to worry about rummaging through your backpack to find them once you need them.

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Julia Turpin - University of Georgia

Julia Turpin is a freshman at UGA where she is double majoring in Theatre and Psychology with the hopes to study Music Business. In high school, she was a part of the drama program, Key Club and played soccer. Julia enjoys hiking, going to concerts and Netflix! Follow Julia on Instagram at @jules1439.

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