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Sep 28 2015
by Julia Turpin

11 Little Things You Learn When You Go Home

By Julia Turpin - Sep 28 2015

A couple weeks ago I went home for the very first time and throughout the week I realized it truly is the little things that mean the most. Being away from home there are a few obvious and not so obvious things that I was more that grateful to have in my life again when I crossed the threshold of my home in North Carolina and being reunited with home taught me so much. For all of you who have yet to venture from your dorms back to wherever your hometown is I have listed the 11 little things that my friends and I have learned and you may learn a little more after you take a trip back to your roots. 

1) Your True Friends Will Always Be There


It doesn't matter if it's been days, weeks, months, or years your true friends will always take the time to see you. Coming home and seeing your best friends who have been with you since day one can be one of the best parts about coming home wether its's getting a quick coffee or spending the whole day together seeing your true friends will be one of the highlights of your trip.

2) When You Leave Your Pets It's The Hardest Goodbye

Your pets are the best. Cats, dogs, birds, rodents, bunnies, and even pigs. It doesn't matter who your furry or scaly friend is, they are your person and you love them dearly. Cherish the time home with them because when you go back home you will miss your person. 

3) There's a Difference Between High School and College


So many people have said that there is a huge gap between high school and college students, but it isn't until you visit your old high school the gap becomes apparent. It's not a bad thing, college students are just more independent therefore their mindsets change because they are growing up. You still love seeing your friends who are in high school you just may be a different person when you do.

4) Freedom From Your Parents Can be a Good Thing


You love your parents. When you leave for college they've taught you everything they can and now it is time for them to set you free. However, when you go home you realize just home independent you have become and appreciate the freedom you have in college from the parents you love so much. 

5) Your Relationship With Your Parents Has Changed 


When you go home your parents are almost more excited to see you than you are to see them and seem more relaxed about what you do. Yes you still have to check in because it's their house and their rules, but they treat you more like an adult now that for the most part you are out of the house. You may talk about new things, have stronger bonds, and have a stronger relationship in general.  

6) Your Appreciation For Your Bathroom and Every Wonderful Thing In It

Not having to wear shower shoes when you step into the shower, the wonderful relaxation that is brought on by the perfect bubble bath, and being able to take as long as you want in your own bathroom are just a few of the many reasons having your own bathroom is a beautiful thing. You feel pampered and automatically more relaxed when you step into your own bathroom, appreciate it every time. 

7) There's Something Special About a Home Cooked Meal

At some schools yes the dinning hall serves a variety of amazing food, but nothing I repeat nothing beats a home cooked meal. You will be surprised at how much you can eat when you finally have real food and how much you will want to put in tupperware to take home. 

8) Home Feels Different 

Home will always be home there is no doubt about that, but coming home for a visit doesn't feel the same as it did when you lived there. Your room feels strange as if your a guest in it, most of your friends aren't there so you feel like a stranger in your own town, things change and look different and you have to get used to driving the roads again. It takes sometime to warm back up to home but when you are home for long breaks don't worry it'll feel like home again soon. 

9) Your Parents Are Boss At Chores


When you are living on your own you have to do everything laundry, dishes, folding and any other chore needed to get by in college. When you go home your parents may offer to do your laundry and wow will you see a difference. There's just something softer and cleaner about the way they do your laundry and it makes you appreciate just how well boss they are at the simple things you do sub par in the dorms. 

 10) Your Bed Feels Amazing


Your bed is bigger, comfier and just all around better than any lofted bed you have in your dorm. You can spread out, sink into the mattress, and enjoy a very long sleep in your very perfect bed. The first time you sleep in your real bed when you come home you wake up in the morning feeling like a brand new person and you will love it!

11) You Become Closer With Your Siblings


Being away from you siblings seems to make the bond between the two of you stronger. Even if it is just talking a little bit more, giving or seeking advice, extra teasing when you are reunited or an unspoken closeness between the two of you that wasn't there before. You may not notice it until you leave to go back to school, but you and your sibling have gotten closer with the distance. 

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Julia Turpin - University of Georgia

Julia Turpin is a freshman at UGA where she is double majoring in Theatre and Psychology with the hopes to study Music Business. In high school, she was a part of the drama program, Key Club and played soccer. Julia enjoys hiking, going to concerts and Netflix! Follow Julia on Instagram at @jules1439.

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