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Mar 23 2017
by Julia Boyle

8 Ways That College is Secretly a Return to Kindergarten

By Julia Boyle - Mar 23 2017

Many people say that college is the first step into adulthood. It's the time where you start taking more responsibility for your life and become more serious. However, aside from the rigorous course load, there are actually many parts of college that can seem more like a flashback to childhood.

1. Excitement over arts and crafts.

One of the most exciting times of the day for almost every five-year-old was arts and crafts, especially if they could make a mess. It ensured a good few hours of your attention focused on one thing. It seems that college students share this excitement. Whether they're planned by your college or your RA, there are a lot of craft-related activities planned for students. Excited students then rush to take part.

2. Napping is encouraged.

Many of us can agree that one of the best parts of the "good old days" was napping. As a child, you were encouraged to get a few extra hours of sleep during the day, aside from how much you slept at night. This advice seems to reappear in your college years. Classes can be stressful and sometimes a nap is exactly what you need.

3. Every holiday is celebrated somehow.

In kindergarten, every holiday was exciting because every holiday was a big deal. The whole classroom would be decorated, activities would be planned and if possible, you would dress up. It seems that this excitement skips the rest of your schooling and reappears in college. Every holiday is celebrated by dorm door decorating, festive activities (or parties) and dressing up in "festive" attire.

4. Seeing your parents excites you.

Remember when you were a little kid and you couldn't wait to see your parents at the end of the day? You couldn't wait to tell them all about your day and the fun things you did. College is similar except now you're telling them about months worth of things that have happened. Also, some of the excitement probably comes from eating a home cooked meal or at least a meal your parents pay for.

5. Seeing your parents makes you sad.

You probably also remember those days as a kid where you were having so much fun that you didn't want your parents to pick you up. Maybe you didn't want to part with a friend or there was an activity that was so much fun the thought of it ending upset you. It seems as though this feeling returns in college when it comes to breaks. You don't want to leave your independent life with friends.

6. You can wear almost anything without being judged that much.

When you were young, almost anything you wore was considered cute, especially if you dressed yourself. Whether it was a costume or even pajamas, no one judged a kindergartner for what they wore. College is a visit back to this kind of attitude again. Whether you're wearing sweatpants or pajamas, people don't care. They'll just admire you for actually getting up and going to class.

7. You're very emotional... about everything.

Many things that happened to you when you were young were treated as though they were the end of the world. There would be tears and yelling even over small things like dropping a toy. This dramatic level of emotions seems to exist in college students as well. It's not uncommon to hear crying or yelling over a paper or test or even a person. Most people just keeping walking past the sound as it's a normal occurrence.

8. Even though you want to stay up late, you can't.

Staying up late was one of the most popular things you wanted to do at five years old. Bedtimes were holding you back from being like the big kids. However, even if you were somehow granted the permission to stay up past your bedtime, you were asleep five minutes after. It seems that college does the same thing to you. Those plans of staying out all night with friends sound fun earlier in the week, but once that night actually comes, your bed is calling your name.

Don't think that college means you have to be a total adult. It seems as though it might be a return to a part of your childhood. 

Lead Image Credit: Rebecca LaPera

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