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Feb 23 2017
by Julia Boyle

8 Reasons Why I Don't Miss My Car at College

By Julia Boyle - Feb 23 2017
As freshman, there are certain limitations we experience during our first year, one of them being that we usually don't have a car with us on campus. Most colleges have a rule that freshmen are not allowed a car on campus, usually due to limited parking spots. Now, those who go to college in the city might not see the need for a car, since everything is usually in a good walking distance and what's not can be reached by public transportation, but students who go to college in a more rural area might not have the option of public transportation. Either way, all freshmen have differing opinions about not having their car with them during that first year. Personally though, there were several things I did not miss when it came to not having my car.

1. Having to worry about the weather.

While some may say walking to classes in the snow or rain is terrible, driving is definitely worse. I would take a few minutes of facing the elements compared to minutes or hours of anxiety in the car. Plus, slipping and falling on the ground is not as dangerous as slipping or sliding in the car.

2. Being behind possibly the slowest person on Earth.

Even when you're not in a rush to get somewhere, slow drivers have the capability to ruin your whole day. I would not consider myself a fast driver, but I still manage to encounter the human versions of turtles on the road. While walking behind slow people is just as infuriating, it is easier to pass them on a sidewalk than trying to swerve around them on the road.

3. Being in front of possibly the meanest person on earth.

This is in regards to people who are mean for no reason while on the road. These are the people who ride the back of your car when you are driving above the speed limit and honk at you to move faster. I would take slow drivers over these people.

4. Getting stuck in traffic.

Not only is this one of the most annoying things to deal with when driving, it always seems to hit at the worst times. You're either on your way to an appointment you're already late for or on your way to vacation and it's already taking a long time to get there. I would say not having to deal with traffic is worth not having your car on campus.

5. Budgeting for gas.

College students being broke is a common saying for a reason. There's some truth to it. Usually when you go to college, you don't work at all or not as much as you normally do, limiting your income. Having to budget for gas every week or every other week just makes matters worse. While I might miss my car, the extra money in my bank account is more enjoyable.

6. Having to clean your car...a lot.

Even people who would consider themselves a clean person will admit that, no matter how hard they try to avoid it, their car becomes a dumping ground for everything you can think of. From random papers, to clothes, to trash, the floor of the car itself is rarely ever visible. This then creates the need to have to clean out your car, except it will just get dirty again within several days. Not having this chore is more rewarding than you might think.

7. Being used for your car.

Everyone can relate to tediousness of having to run errands for someone, whether it be for friends or family. Just when you got comfy or relaxed, your mom would ask you to run to the store for her or go pick up a sibling. This does not go away when you go to college. Instead of your mom asking, it's your roommate wondering if you can make a late night run for food. Now you're seen for your vehicle instead of you.

8. Missing what's around you.

Yes, driving can be a convenient and fast way to get to where you need to go. However, there's so much to see that you miss when you're behind the wheel. I never realized how much scenery there is when simply walking to a grocery store. When it comes to being downtown, I'd much rather walk then drive, since there is so much to see that is missed in a car.

So, while not having your car may seem like a major loss during your first few weeks at college, the rewards of extra money and less stress will be worth it in weeks to come. 

Lead Image Credit: Julia Boyle

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