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Jun 01 2017
by Julia Boyle

7 Items I Realized I Never Used While Moving Out of My Dorm

By Julia Boyle - Jun 01 2017

Moving into college is said to be one of the worst parts of college. However, I think moving out tops that easily. Somehow over the many months you were at college, you managed to accumulate ten times more stuff than what you moved in with. Now, you have to find a place for everything and make it fit in the car. Along with discovering all this new stuff, you also stumble upon all those "college must-haves" that were never touched. Here's some of them, just to name a few.

1. Dishes

I think I used the dishes me and my roommate bought a whopping two times throughout the entire year. Most of the food I ate was at the dining hall. Any food that I ate in my room usually came in a disposable container. Also, neither me nor my roommate every felt like doing the dishes when they were dirty.

2. Extra Clothing and Shoes

I will admit I have a lot of clothes and shoes, probably more then the average person. Either way though, there were some articles of clothing and footwear that I never touched. Those three pairs of heels/wedges? Not needed. The five different sweatshirts? Again, not needed. It's important to prioritize what clothing and shoes to bring to college, especially with the small amount of closet space.

3. School Supplies

Throughout your life, school shopping lists are dominated by school supplies, as there really isn't anything else needed. However, when it comes time to shop for college, school supplies should not dominate the list. One of my biggest mistakes was probably overbuying school supplies. Most college students just use a notebook and a pen when it comes to class.

4. Decorations

Decorating the dorm room is a fun part of moving in. However, there is such a thing as too many decorations. Those fairy lights are trendy, but you don't need that many strands. I didn't have enough wall space for everything I bought, so it was then shoved under my bed and later discovered on move out day.

5. Books

College is time consuming. Free time is precious and usually spent with friends since you don't get to see them that often. I love to read and am a total bookworm, but the several novels I brought up to read were rarely, if ever, touched. Usually I had reading from other classes or got a book from the library. There was no need for my library at home to travel to college with me.

6. Cleaning Supplies

Don't get me wrong, these are important. That being said, it is possible to go overboard. Along with the dishes thing, you will rarely, if ever, feel like cleaning. Most of the time, the urge to clean comes from seeing how filthy your room has gotten. Even when this happens, it's easy to just be able to grab some disinfecting wipes and clean the mess. Leave the big supplies for move out day when you have to clean the whole room.

7. Anything my roommate brought.

My piece of advice to anyone living with a roommate: If you can get in touch with them, do so. The last thing you want is duplicates of something that you really only need one of. My roommate and I were pretty good at communicating, but there were still things here and there that didn't get used because one of us had the same thing.

It's a very easy thing to overshoot for college, especially when the excitement starts to hit. However, that dorm room is only so big and can only fit so many things. So make sure what you're bringing will actually get used. You don't want to find it on move out day and reminisce about the money wasted. 

Lead Image Credit: Julia Boyle

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Julia Boyle -

I am a freshman at Millersville University. I am majoring in English. I enjoy writing, reading, and playing the piano. When I'm not doing those things I can often be found watching Gilmore Girls.

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