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Jul 07 2017
by Julia Boyle

6 Ways That Joining a Club Improved My Freshman Year

By Julia Boyle - Jul 07 2017

One of the many pieces of advice incoming college freshman receive is to get involved. It's important to join clubs and organizations so you can grow and meet new people. Knowing this, I made sure to visit my school's event that showcases the different clubs on campus. In doing this, I was able to find several clubs I was interested in and decided to join. After my freshman year, I can say that there were several positive outcomes from being a part of these clubs.

1. I made new friends.

When going to college, some of your first friends may be your roommate and and the people on your floor. While this is perfectly OK, it's important to meet as many people as possible. After joining my clubs, I expanded my groups of friends tremendously. I even met many new people who shared the same interests as me.

2. I received lots of advice from upperclassman.

Out of the friends you'll make within the club, there's a good chance some of them will be upperclassmen. I was able to meet and bond with the upperclassman in my organization and get great advice from them. They told me about their experiences and gave me tips about what I should do on campus. They were also there to help me and answer any questions I had about school.

3. I learned what was around my school.

While knowing your campus is important, it's also smart to learn about the surrounding area where your college is located. Being a freshman without a car, this was somewhat tough. However, since my club held many activities off campus, I was able to explore the city and countryside that my college was centered. I learned great places to eat and hang out off campus.

4. It gave me something to do in my down time.

Something I learned very quickly in college is that there's a lot of down time. Since you're not spending as much time in the classroom, you have more time to do other things. Even after I finished the school work I needed to get done, I still had extra time. Thanks to the organizations I was a part of, I was never bored during this time. Being a part of these groups gave me other work and activities to complete during my down time.

5. I learned about potential careers I would be interested in.

Although I did not go into my first year undecided with my major, I still had no idea what career path I wanted to follow. Joining clubs that peaked my interest helped my explore the different options that were out there. Academic clubs especially helped me explore different subjects and careers that went along with these subjects.

6. It gave me the opportunity to take on leadership positions.

The best thing about being in these clubs since the beginning of the year was that I was able to work my way up. Joining the clubs at first was slightly intimidating, but once I took that first step, I was presented with many opportunities. I helped with different events and worked alongside the upperclassman. In the end of the year, I was even able to take on one of the leadership positions.

Overall, joining the clubs and organizations improved my college experience. Not only did it give me the opportunity to meet new people, I always learned more about my university. It also helped me to build myself as a person. I would definitely recommend getting involved to any incoming freshman. 

Lead Image Credit: Julia Boyle

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Julia Boyle -

I am a freshman at Millersville University. I am majoring in English. I enjoy writing, reading, and playing the piano. When I'm not doing those things I can often be found watching Gilmore Girls.

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