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Aug 11 2017
by Joyce Cam

9 Sophomores Share What They Liked Most About Freshman Year

By Joyce Cam - Aug 11 2017

The first year of college can be uncomfortable and awkward. Going to a new school with new people is often intimidating and sometimes leads to weird experiences. However, freshman year is what kicks off your college career, and unlike high school, you’ll actually like to remember it. Finishing your freshman year is bittersweet (less bitter and more sweet, really), but thinking back on how you actually survived your first year of college causes nostalgia. You really are beginning the best years of your life, even with a rough start. Here are a few things last year’s freshman have to say about their first year in college.

1. Kim

"I made more friends with different backgrounds."

College is where you'll be around the most diverse groups of students. Differing in race, gender, personality and backgrounds, college is the perfect time to explore different cultures and identities. 

2. Jennifer

"I have to say my favorite part of freshman year was just finally getting to be in a new place around new people and being somewhere I've never been before."

Being in a new place can be scary but also so exciting. Don't be afraid to venture out into your new world. You just might be pleasantly surprised by what you find! 

3. Josh

"My favorite part of freshman year was the feeling of a fresh start."

The best time to reinvent yourself is in college. You'll literally be surrounded by thousands of people who did not know you through your awkward and bad fashion phases. Reinvent yourself to be the you that you have always wanted to be.

4. Amanda

"My favorite part of freshman year was literally knowing no one. I didn't make as [many] friends as I would have liked but the new friends I made did change my perspective. Just simply going to a school filled with new people and much much more diversity compared to [my home town] made me experience everything in a different way even if I am just at community college."

Students come from everywhere to attend college. From just down the street to across the globe, you'll encounter students from all different backgrounds and walks of life. With all these different people around you, you are bound to see things in a new light. College is the time to open your mind up and gain perspectives from all around the world. 

5. Gabby

"My favorite part of freshman year was band and meeting my college friends."

Joining different clubs and organization are one of the best and most fun ways to meet new friends. Go out and get involved. You just might find your new best friend in knitting club!

6. Brittney

"I liked being out of my comfort zone because college is the only time you can explore and be uncomfortable."

The awkwardness of your freshman year of high school is nothing compared to your freshman year of college. However, like your freshman year of high school, everyone else goes through the same thing. Utilize your first year by embracing your awkward, quirky self. It's the perfect time to make mistakes, learn new skills and have fun. 

7. Maxine

"Meeting people that you would have never met at home and just hearing about their lives, and going to a campus and getting lost but feeling familiar after a while, and being able to call a new place yours."

If you're going to spend at least four years in a certain place, you might as well enjoy it in all its glory. Explore your new surrounding and familiarize yourself with the best restaurants, study spots and coffee joints. You'll be there for awhile, so make it comfy.

8. Anna

"My favorite part about freshman year was being able to move out and be on my own. I loved the experience of 'adulting' for the first time."

Usually, your parents won't be following you to college. This means that you'll officially be on your own, making your own rules and paying for your own things. Freshman year of college is really the first taste of real adulthood. Face these struggles head on because in the end, it will help you to be ready for the real world. 

9. Tabitha

"Being able to take classes you are actually interested in is something I liked most about freshman year. Yeah, classes were difficult, but being interested in what you’re learning definitely makes it worth it."

Explore your options for majors and minors. There are so many classes that specialize in different things that may be in your interests. Freshman year is the time to explore your interests to see what you really want to be doing in the future. Don't restrict yourself to what you already know. Get out there and learn as much as you can.

Freshman year is about meeting new people, exploring new places and finding new interests. Overall, college is time to start new. Your freshman year will be difficult, don’t get me wrong. You’ll cry, laugh and stress eat more than you want to, but looking back on your first year, you’ll feel nothing but grateful for having those experiences. So yes, freshman year will be scary, but face it head on and appreciate the every moment. Good luck! 

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