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Nov 26 2017
by Joyce Cam

8 Ways to Keep Your Acne Under Control

By Joyce Cam - Nov 26 2017

College consists of lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet, stress and much more. These are the perfect ingredients for one of the things we fear most in our young adult lives: acne. Unless you were born with clear skin, acne seems to always rear its ugly (white)head. Many people find acne in college to be a weird concept; like when we got our diplomas our acne would also be graduating and moving on to torment another fresh, pubescent teen. However, 85% of people ranging in ages 12 to 24 suffer from acne, which basically means that acne’s separation anxiety will kick in on move-in day and it will follow you to college. Acne can be harmful to your college experience, causing someone to feel extremely self-conscious and even depressed. Everyone deals with acne, whether it’s minor or severe, there are ways to keep it under control in college without investing too much time, money or effort into it. Here are some tips to help keep your acne from taking over your college experience.

1. Have a regular sleep schedule.

A good night’s rest in college? What? Those exist? Surprisingly, yes! Although a few all-nighters are fine, getting an average of eight hours of sleep a night is crucial to maintaining your skin and, more importantly, your mental health. With the help of time-management and organizing, try sleeping and waking up around the same time every day.

2. Minimize stress.

College without stress is unheard of. However, you can manage how much stress you really need to put yourself through. Organizing and prioritizing what needs to be done can help you feel less stressed. Always ask yourself, “Will this matter in the future?” Odds are, it won’t!

Another way to destress is to make sure that you always take a break! Have a movie night, grab dinner with friends or go on a run! Whatever makes you feel better, go off! Your body, mind and skin will thank you.

3. Maintaining a healthy diet.

Yes, I understand; it’s 2 a.m. and fries sound like they can help you push through the last page of your essay. College is the prime time for unhealthy diets, as papers and assignments seem more important than getting your daily serving of greens. On the other hand, simply choosing to eat more healthy is not as difficult as it sounds. Instead of skipping breakfast because you have to get to class, have an apple to go. Need caffeine to function? Try tea instead of coffee, which can pack the same punch you need! Switching out an unhealthy alternative for a healthy one is a slow process but before you know it, you’ll be reaching for carrots instead of fries! Of course you should still eat food that makes you happy, but remember, moderation is key! 

4. Use sunscreen and moisturizer.

No matter where you live, rain or shine, you need to moisturize and apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is something people tend to forget about, especially if you live in a place where the sun never seems to shine. But listen, taking five seconds in the morning to apply sunscreen and moisturizer can help hide the fact that you have spent the last few years staying up all night. In the long run, your skin will be looking like you never even went to college at all!

5. Hands off! 

I get it, it's 8 a.m. and you're in math class and it just seems like the best idea to rest your face onto your hand and sleep. DON'T DO IT! Not only should you be paying attention in class, but touching your face constantly can spread bacteria and cause acne to flare up. You also should not pick at your acne. Also keep things from touching your face, especially your hair. Popping zits is only a short-term solution and can damage your skin more than help it. Also for my fellow four-eyed friends, remember to wipe down your glasses every once in awhile, as bacteria can also be present there as well! Keep your hands busy typing or writing and off your face! 

6. Wash your face.

This seems like a no brainer, but there are times when you're rolling in from the library at 4 a.m. and you just want to plop yourself onto your bed. But before you take your well-deserved rest, Wash your face. Throughout the day, bacteria and other germs find a way onto your face and letting it sit and fester over night is an acne party waiting to happen. Washing your face daily, especially after a long day, can save your skin from unwanted guests. 

7. Drink water.

Again, seems like a no brainer, right? You'd be surprised how many people actually forget to drink water during the day. Everyone should drink an average of eight glasses a day, however, it depends on your weight. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, so of course water is essential in maintaining a healthy body, and will also provide glowing skin. Set a reminder on your phone, make tally marks on your arm or whatever you need to do in order to remind yourself to drink water! 

8. Consult a dermatologist/doctor.

If worse comes to worse, take a trip to a professional, where they can decide the best action to take to help you manage your acne. There are many different options that a professional can provide, including topical creams and even pills. If you feel like you have tried everything in your power to control your acne with no luck, a professional may be able to help you! 

Acne is something that everyone is insecure about, even people who look like they have perfect skin. Acne effects everyone at least once in their life, and having it in college really does have an effect on your college experience. With these simple tips, you'll be glowing in no time! I wish you all luck in your journey to the skin you're confident in! 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels 

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