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Sep 10 2017
by Joyce Cam

7 Things To Include In A Care Package

By Joyce Cam - Sep 10 2017

College is easily one of the most stressful times of your life. With the intense courses, extracurriculars and just growing up in general, many students forget to take care of themselves. Care packages are a good way to remind your loved ones to take a break and breathe. Personally, as a college student, receiving a care package boosts my morale and allows me to take a well-deserved break to refresh and then get back to work, more focused and energized. No matter how simple or extravagant the care package is, any college student will be lucky to receive one! Here’s a guide to what students love to get in their care packages!

1. Skincare

"Face masks are the best way to help destress." –Kim R., Cosumnes River College

Living the college life can take a toll on your skin. Late nights studying lead to dark circles staining your under-eyes and the stress of all your classes can cause acne to break out. Including face masks in your care packages is one of the best things you can do for your tired college student. Face masks help to relieve stress and give some care to one’s skin and face to make them feel refreshed and ready to take on college!

2. Snacks

"Sending some snacks like Hot Cheetos or gummy worms are great since the busy life of college barely gives you time to eat." –Sunny S., UC Berkeley

College students need snacks to make it through the day. Staying on campus all day and moving from class to class may make it difficult for a student to grab something to eat. Snacks are the perfect way to combat this. We can snack while walking to class, being in class and getting out of class. Snacks re-energize students so we can make it through the day.

3. Personal items

"I would want something personal in my care package to remind me of home." - Maxine W., UC Berkeley

Homesickness is REAL. Adding something from home can help battle homesickness. Whether it’s a stuffed animal, blanket or anything else to remind them of home, it will be tremendously appreciated. Another bonus to this aspect of a care package is that it’s free!

4. Pictures

"A picture of my dog would be the best thing to see in a care package." – Brittney N., UC Berkeley

Pictures are another great way to boost students’ morale. Print out pictures of great memories they have had before college or even during college to remind them of great times! Pictures of family and friends can also help to inspire and motivate students to achieve their goals.

5. Hand sanitizer and tissues

"Hand sanitizer and tissues will help me out in school because once someone gets sick, everyone gets sick too." – Anna D., Sacramento State

It’s true — everyone gets sick in college. Pocket hand sanitizers and tissues are necessities to pack in a care package! The last thing you want to do is get sick when you have a midterm the next day. Keep your loved ones safe from gross college germs.

6. A handwritten letter

"I love getting handwritten things! It’s so much more personal." – Amanda R., Delta College

The written word is truly a dying art form. Include a handwritten letter in your care package to ensure a way more heartfelt and personal touch to your package!

7. Homemade food

"Something I miss the most about home is the food!" – Courtney L., UC Berkeley

This one is a stretch, but if you live close enough or can express ship your care package, homemade food is something your college student will treasure. In college, you end up really missing homemade food and don’t want to keep consuming ramen every night. Sending some homemade pasta, cookies or anything that can make the travel will be very appreciated!

Care packages are the best surprises for your loved ones when college seems to be getting a little too much. All in all, it is the thought that matters. You don’t need to go too extreme in a care package to let your loved ones know that it will all be okay and that you are thinking of them.

No matter what, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Take a break! Get some coffee, take a walk, go for a run or have a picnic with some friends. And remember that your college student will appreciate the effort and love, no matter what you send them.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Joyce Cam - University of California, Berkeley

Joyce attends the University of California, Berkeley. Follow her on twitter/instagram @Joyce_Cam !

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