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Jun 01 2017
by Joyce Cam

7 Facebook Pages Students at UC Berkeley Should Follow

By Joyce Cam - Jun 01 2017

Social media is a very crucial part of today's society. From Facebook to Tinder, people of all ages can be found on some type of social platform. Although Twitter and Instagram reign supreme in high school, Facebook definitely becomes the main social platform in college. Especially at UC Berkeley, Facebook becomes the easiest and safest way to make new friends and keep up to date with the official and unofficial events in our community. Here are a few Facebook pages you NEED to join when you are a Cal Bear. 

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1. UC Berkeley

It is a no-brainer that you should be on the UC Berkeley official page. Here is where you can find official matters of Berkeley. This page keeps you informed about new discoveries on campus, what our alumni are up to and any other events currently happening at UC Berkeley. If you want to know anything and everything about the UC Berkeley, I would get started here! 

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2. UC Berkeley Class Page

Every year a new class page is created on Facebook. In addition, there are official and unofficial versions of class pages; I recommend joining them all! Here, you can find questions and answers for financial aid, orientation and even get advice from some older students on which classes are easiest! Sometimes, this page becomes more helpful to students than CalCentral, who can take forever to reply. The class page is also used by incoming students to introduce themselves to their fellow classmates and to find roommates. Get to know your fellow bears and post a little something about yourself! 


3. UC Berkeley Lost & Found

Students will tell you how much this page saved their lives. College is easily one of the most stressful times for young adults. With running around campus, extracurriculars, homework and living life, it is easy for people to misplace things or forget them in places. New things are lost every second of the day. IDs, wallets, Clipper cards, water bottles, keys, jackets and basically everything a person can lose will be found and posted on this page. Joining this page will save money on replacements! So do not burn a bigger hole in your pocket; all that extra money can be spent on more important things like food! 


4. UC Berkeley Textbooks

Textbooks are the most irritating essentials of college; especially since these books are mandatory and cost hundreds of dollars. Before you break your bank, check out UC Berkeley Textbooks! Past students have this page to buy and sell textbooks for ridiculously lower prices than anywhere else you will find. In addition to cheaper books, some books may be marked up with highlights and notes that can help you in the class too. Since there are some textbooks specific to UC Berkeley, this is a great way to make sure you are buying the right books. Why spend hundreds on a book about ancient methods of raising goats when you can only spend five dollars? 


5. UC Berkeley Free and For Sale 

College is infamous for burning holes in students' pockets. Whether money is spent on books, food or Cal gear, we all end up being stereotypical, broke college kids. People utilize this page to sell and buy things within the Berkeley community, so it is not just limited to Berkeley students. Thankfully, because it is mainly fellow students posting on this page, you can always find really great deals on things from clothes, bikes and apartment furniture to Minion plush toys and Soylent. What is the best part about this page? You will find some students desperate to get rid of their aging treasures and trinkets that they give things away for FREE. YES! FREE! The only downside to this page is that it fuels compulsive buying, so browse at your own risk! 


6. Overheard at UC Berkeley 

UC Berkeley is home to around 27,500 students, and that is only counting undergraduates! There are always many conversations happening on campus and around our community. This page is the best way to get to know what the greatest minds around the world really talk about. What people tend to forget about college students is that we are still young, and so our conversations may not be as sophisticated as some expect. Although there are speculations about whether some posts are actually overheard or not, this page is definitely a great way to have some insight on your fellow classmates. 

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7. UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens (UCBMFET) 

With over 93,000 members, most of them not even being UC Berkeley students, UCBMFET is easily the most popular Berkeley page on Facebook. Being the most original and funniest, this page really shows UC Berkeley's photoshop talents. The Berkeley student community relates with each other through memes and posts about just how it is to be a Berkeley student. You will always hear people around campus saying, "Did you see that meme?" In order to keep up with the fast pace life of Berkeley, you NEED to be on this page. Even if you do not have a Facebook, make one for the sole purpose of joining UCBMFET! It was one of the main things that helped me get through my first year at Cal! 


Facebook becomes a big part of your life when coming to any college. You will find it difficult to navigate without one! Creating and joining Facebook becomes the most convenient and safest ways to make friends and stay informed about what is going on around your college community. So spread the word, Facebook is making its comeback! Let's just hope MySpace never rises again. Have fun scrolling through these pages and remember, go bears! 

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