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Jun 10 2017
by Joyce Cam

5 Things Small Town Students Are Tired of Being Asked

By Joyce Cam - Jun 10 2017

In college, you meet people from all over the world — from different countries, states and cities. If you’re lucky, you will be able to tell people how you’re from Los Angeles, London, San Francisco or any other well-known major cities around the world. However, if you’re like me, you’ll tell people where you’re from and then have to go on a tangent about how far it is from a major city. Especially if you are from a small, agricultural town like me, questions will be thrown at you and so will stereotypes.

BonnieKittle via Unsplash

1. “Do you guys have wifi?”

Almost everyone has wifi. Even if we do not personally own our own wifi connection (thanks to living in the middle of nowhere!), it is easy to find local shops and other public areas that offer free wifi. Although wifi is still a pretty new concept, it is a well-known concept to young adults. So please, quit asking if I have ever been on the internet before!

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2. “So like, if you’re farmers, do you live off the land?”

It's good to realize not everyone from small towns live on farms. In my case, I grew up on a bok choy farm! Yes, I do have bok choy every night, but it’s not the only thing I eat. I can’t live without chips!

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3. “Were you homeschooled?”

One of the biggest common misconceptions about small towns is that everyone is homeschooled. Homeschooling is a common option for most people, but every town is bound to have at least one school for elementary school, middle school and high school. However, don’t be surprised by the low number of students in each class. It is a small town after all!

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4. “Do you drive tractors or horses to school?”

We drive cars. The occasional tractors and horses will be seen roaming the roads, but never going to school!

Natalie Rhea Riggs via Unsplash

5. “Do you only listen to country music?”

I am personally not a fan of country music and a lot of my other small town pals aren’t either. We love listening to current hits just like everyone else!

There a far more ridiculous questions that I have the pleasure of hearing every time I meet new people. There is nothing wrong with being curious about how others lived and what their experiences are! However, there are more appropriate ways to go about asking. Remember to mindful of how you interact with people and to never make assumptions. I will always be proud of my small town! 

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