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Nov 13 2017
by Joyce Cam

21 Cool Things to Do On The Weekends at UC Berkeley

By Joyce Cam - Nov 13 2017

Studying got you down? Give yourself a little taste of RRR week, but instead of reading, review and recitation, fill it with relaxation, rest and really cool things to do in Berkeley. It’s tough going to the reclaimed #1 public university in the world (nice try, UCLA)! Take some well-deserved time off and explore Berkeley as more than just a place of midterms, all-nighters and crying because of the all-nighters you pulled for that midterm you still scored low in. If you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little to the left, Berkeley can be a really great place!

1. Lounge at Memorial Glade and enjoy a picnic, a good book or throw a frisbee around with some bros

Memorial Glade is a safe-haven at UC Berkeley. This large patch of green near the heart of campus is the perfect place to unwind and relax.

2. Go on a hunt for all the bear statues on campus.

Joyce Cam

There are 27 hidden bear figures all over Berkeley. Searching for these bears can help clear your mind and guide you to parts of Berkeley you never knew were there!

3. See the new exhibits or take a workshop at the BAMPFA.

The BAMPFA is always displaying new and exciting pieces. Consider it a small version of the SF MOMA. Take your time strolling through the exhibits and taking in the culture.

4. Walk up and down Telegraph Avenue and yell “hell yeah” back at the Hell Yeah Guy.

Telegraph Avenue is famous for stretching through all of Berkeley. Walk down this street and be greeted by different stores and characters. Hear someone yelling, "hell yeah?" Well, the only appropriate thing is to yell it back! 

5. Visit the Lawrence Hall of Science

Joyce Cam

Love science? The Lawrence Hall of Science is the perfect way to check out some cool interactive exhibits! There are also some cool sculptures and statues that surround the building, including this huge whale! 

6. Smell the roses at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens.

In my opinion, nature is the best way to unwind. Taking a walk through UC Berkeley's garden is a great way to de-stress and breathe.

7. Tour the Campanile and hear the bells go OFF.

Joyce Cam

Everyone at Berkeley adores the Campanile. A quick trip to the top of the tower gives you a breathtaking view of Berkeley and the rest of the Bay Area. Along with this, you can catch the performance of the bells every hour.

8. Watch performances at Zellerbach or the Berkeley Playhouse.

Get in touch with your theatrical and musical side and catch a show at Zellerbach or the Berkeley Playhouse! 

9. Catch a live music performance at the UC Theatre.

Take the edge off with some good music and watch a live performance at the UC Theatre. 

10. Take a tour through Tilden Regional Park.

Joyce Cam

Want even MORE nature? A little ways away, Tilden National Park is TRULY beautiful. Walk through the trails for hours and enjoy the silly names of the rare plants like "Fireweed" and "Mountain Misery." 

11. Cry your stress away at Moffitt Library.

Moffitt Library is home to everyone. The 5th floor of Moffitt is the perfect place to cry and relieve some stress, because on this floor, no one bothers you. Odds are, someone else is crying there too. 

12. Get boba at U-Cha.

Boba is fuel for Berkeley students. Getting boba can help change an awful day to a better one. The best boba around campus is definitely U-Cha!

13. Get the BEST frozen yogurt from Yogurt Park.

Nothing like some frozen yogurt to cool you down in October (BOO to climate change)!

14. Scroll through the UC Berkeley Memes For Edgy Teens Facebook page until you feel better.

UC Berkeley Memes For Edgy Teens

There is nothing more comforting than looking at memes that perfectly explain your situation and that of your fellow students. Laugh your problems away and feel better in knowing that you aren't alone.

15. Get some fresh air and unplug with a hike to the Big C or through the Fire Trails.

Yes, nature again! Grab some friends, get some exercise and hike through the Fire Trails. Find the infamous swing and take a cool aesthetic picture.

16. Search for some new music at Amoeba.

Amoeba is famous for having a unique and wide variety of music and movies. Browse through their collection and find some new music to get you through the day.

17. Browse for some new reads at Moe’s Books.

There really is nothing better than a good book. At Moe's, you can browse through hundreds of books and dive into a new reality.

18. Get a tattoo or piercing at Industrial Tattoo and Piercing (hopefully, your parents won’t kill you).

Why not be spontaneous? College is about taking risks and being wild, right? Nothing more wild than getting a tattoo or piercing at local favorite, Industrial! 

19. Enjoy some coffee at Caffe Strada, Cafe Blue Door or the fan-favorite, Free Speech Movement Cafe.

I'll say it again! College students need coffee to survive. Find your favorite spot with the best coffee and spend the day just enjoying life. 

20. Ditch Berkeley all together and go to San Francisco either by taking the F Bus, BART or even the ferry!

Being in Berkeley means we are right next to one of the coolest cities in the world, San Francisco! Get yourself to San Francisco and take a break from Berkeley. Discover new museums, see even more live performances and the best yet, go shopping!

21. And if all else fails… I guess stopping by the Apple Theta Douchebag Cinnamon Pie frat party wouldn’t be too bad. 

Joyce Cam

Terribly bored during your Saturday night? You can always count on the numerous frat houses to be throwing some type of "rager." Remember, when asked what brother you know, there's always a Jake, Chad or Adam.

Berkeley is so much more than being home to the #1 public university in the world, wait… did I already state that? Anyways, go out and treat yourself to a well-deserved break! Remember, we’re all humans who need to give our brains time to have some fun. I mean, college is supposed to be the best years of your life! And remember, GO BEARS!

Lead Image Credit: Joyce Cam

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Joyce Cam - University of California, Berkeley

Joyce attends the University of California, Berkeley. Follow her on twitter/instagram @Joyce_Cam !

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