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Jan 22 2018
by Joyce Cam

10 One Direction Songs That Describe College

By Joyce Cam - Jan 22 2018

One Band. One Dream. One Direction. 

Let's face it. One Direction really was one of the greatest boy bands of our generation. I can guarantee that there was a time in your life where you were really obsessed with these boys or have jammed out to a true anthem, What Makes You Beautiful. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and "Zayn" really stole the hearts of many people by making music that we can really relate to, even now! Even though their hiatus really began some of the worst times of our lives, looking back on their old music can always brighten up your day or make you incredibly sad. So, let's just add some salt to our wounds and really see how One Direction's music can haunt our adult lives. 

1. Live While We’re Young (Take Me Home)

College is kind of crazy, like on a serious note, pretty fucking wild. College is the weird in-between of being an adult and still being a wild youth. Basically, the wonderful boys of One Direction like to remind us that we should really live while we’re young! Before our youth totally runs out, society still lets us have college to learn and make mistakes! Take advantage of that!

2. Act My Age (FOUR)

College is really that slap in the face to make you realize that you are finally an adult. It’s time to act your age and start getting your shit together! Although you don’t need to necessarily give up all the fun, you do need to start realizing and taking responsibilities.

3. A.M. (Made in the A.M.)

There’s absolutely no way you can get through college without having a couple of all-nighters! You’ll find yourself and friends staying up until the A.M. in order to finish a project you had months to finish. Or during finals week, when you have finally hit your fourth all-nighter in a row and find yourself and your friends really questioning why exotic dancing is so taboo in our society. Really though, why is it?

4. Alive (Midnight Memories)

Live your life! Sometimes people really do ask why go to college if it just makes you sad and stressed. But listen, the whole college experience makes us all feel alive. There’s nothing better than the rush of emotions you get before your first round of midterms! On another note, college is the time to really do what you want while still giving the excuse that you’re still young.

5. Up All Night (Up All Night)

College parties are honestly really fun. Whether you’re at a frat, club party or kickback, releasing some stress through good company, good music and “juice” is kind of essential to keeping yourself sane. But note to frats, no one wants to hear the Chainsmokers on replay! Cherish the limited breaks you have during college and stay up all night getting wild! It’s what you deserve!

6. Same Mistakes (Up All Night)

You think you learn from the last semester to up your game. You continuously promise yourself that you’ll try harder and do better every single time you begin a new term in college. However, you find yourself making the same mistakes. By the time you reach the second week of classes, you realize you're ten weeks behind and back on your bullshit. But hey, you're just trying to live your best life. 

7. Moments (Up All Night)

This song perfectly describes your first mental breakdown in college (and the many others you’ll have after). You start thinking about how easy high school was and how much you miss not being stressed. These moments are what makes college something you’ll truly remember! You just gotta keep reminding yourself that every mental breakdown makes you stronger!

8. Drag Me Down (Made in the A.M.)

It really is a waste of time to dwell on things you can’t control. In college, you will face bad times, but don’t let them drag you down. Focus on yourself! There really is no point in comparing yourself to others, because everyone is there to get their education. Remember to care about the things you CAN control and make college YOURS.

9. Stockholm Syndrome (FOUR)

There are times where you really can’t wait for college to be over. But before you know it, you’ll end up actually enjoying and loving college. You just have to take college for what it is and roll with it. Don’t focus on the bad, but focus on how you can make it better! College seems like a prison, but you may find yourself with a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome at the end of your four years!

10. History (Made in the A.M.)

Four years may seem like a lifetime, but before you know it, you’ll be walking across the stage accepting your degree! Not to be a gross cliché, but college is a big part of your life, so make the most of it! You’ll have some days where you just want to drop out (a week into the semester and I’ve already had ten of these days). You’ll also have some days where you really feel grateful for the ability to get an education. Savor each moment! College is the time for the good, the bad and everything in between. So pop off and make some history!

Take some advice from our favorite boys and really enjoy college for all that it is! There's only one direction to go... towards success! Remember, when life really sucks, One Direction's music will always be there for you!

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