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Jul 15 2015
by Jori Bonadurer

Dorm Hacks: DIY Message Board

By Jori Bonadurer - Jul 15 2015

For incoming college freshmen, summer is a time for preparation. From sending in final transcripts, attending orientation and buying dorm supplies, things can really add up in time and money. But never fear! This do-it-yourself message board is super easy and only costs a couple dollars to make.

The Materials

Jori Bonadurer

Only three things are needed: a cork board, a hot glue gun and some ribbon. You can find all of these at your local craft store.

Step One

Jori Bonadurer

You can use a ruler to measure it out exactly, but I just "eyeballed" it to get an approximate fit.

Step Two

Jori Bonadurer

Time to break out the glue gun! Place glue along the side of the board and stick the ribbon on it. Congrats! You've got one side down. Three more sides to go and you're done.

Step Three

Jori Bonadurer

If you don't want to hang up your message board feel free to skip this step! But if you'd like to put it on a wall make a loop with some ribbon by tying a knot.

Step Four

Jori Bonadurer

Now that you've made your loop, attach it to the board with a little hot glue.

Step Five

Jori Bonadurer

If you want to get a little fancier you can attach thumbtacks to mini clothespins with some hot glue gun. It's an easy way to hang up pictures and notes without poking holes in them.

Step Six

Jori Bonadurer

Ta-da! You're done. Now bask in the "I-did-it-myself" pride and have some fun decorating your brand new message board.

Lead Image Credit: Jori Bonadurer

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Jori Bonadurer - Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Jori Bonadurer is a freshman at Southern Illinois University where she's majoring in Secondary English Education. During high school, she spent most of her time inside a theater or behind a book. You can hear more of her story on her blog:

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