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Jun 21 2015
by Jori Bonadurer

6 Things You Need to Do at Your College Orientation

By Jori Bonadurer - Jun 21 2015

1. Find the best places to get nom noms.

There’s going to be orientation leaders all over the place so this is a great opportunity to find the most delicious spot on campus with the help of their sage advice. They might even know some student discounts or when the specials are happening. (Twenty-five-cent wings on Thursday nights? Sign me up!)

2. Spread your metaphorical branches!

I’ll be the first to admit that the thought of having to talk to strangers all day makes me cringe. But if you’re like me, the thought of knowing not one soul on campus next year is enough to scare you into exchanging your info, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, your dog’s birthday and other really important aspects of your life.

3. Take a selife with your new BFFs, duh!

Truth: these people will (most likely) not be your best friends. However, it will appear that you have an awesome new crowd of people to hang out with and show that you’re onto bigger and better things.

4. Shop ‘til you drop.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all colleges are in want of giving away five ba-trillion T-shirts. But a lot of times they can be a tad bit basic. The bookstore will have even more for you to choose from, plus your college might even give you an orientation coupon!

5. Find your dorm sweet dorm.

If you haven’t already found the place you’ll be living next year, now is a good time to scope out what the best place to live is. You don’t don’t want to end up in the AC-less, supposed-to-be-demolished-last-year residence hall.

6. Forget about being cool!

You’re going to encounter an endless amount of ice breakers and those dumb games (please, anything but the human knot again!) but this is your chance to shed your high school insecurities and experience life without worrying about other judging you. Plus, it will be a lot more fun.

Lead Image Credit: Miami Dade College

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Jori Bonadurer - Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Jori Bonadurer is a freshman at Southern Illinois University where she's majoring in Secondary English Education. During high school, she spent most of her time inside a theater or behind a book. You can hear more of her story on her blog:

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