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Jul 31 2015
by Jori Bonadurer

4 Things You'll Forget to Do Before Leaving for College

By Jori Bonadurer - Jul 31 2015

The summer before college is filled with to-do's. Between texting your future roommate, ordering books and getting ready for a big life change, it can all get a little overwhelming. These four things may just happen to slip your mind so make sure to check them off your list before you leave this fall!

1. Bank on it. 

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It's a sad fact of life: college means spending money. From the pricey room and board to the 2 a.m. study fuel coffee, it's going to cost a pretty penny. Creating a student bank account is a smart move because it not only gives you a reliable way to save money from your graduation presents and that summer job you had, but a way to easily access the money you need. Your parents can even add money to it if you choose that option. Plus, many banks offer accounts specifically aimed at college students that are super simple to start!

2. Take a chill pill.

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I can't live without my allergy medicine. Literally. If you're like me and have those very important medications, remember to find a way to get them when you're away at school. Is there a pharmacy nearby or a place on campus where you can get prescriptions and over-the-counter necessities? I'm also a person who constantly loses my glasses. Knowing where the nearest optometrist or whatever specialist you may need is one more thing to check off your list.

3. Hey mama

There are few things more terrifying than opening your phone and seeing the words: "Missed Call: Mom (7)." To prevent this sweat provoking scenario, set a schedule for communicating with your family. It can keep them from worrying about you and it can help keep you sane. Whether you're plan is to text in the morning and call on Wednesday nights or to Skype every day, making a schedule is a good idea for everyone.

4. Pass the port.


In college there are tons of way to get out of the country. You can join a service club that travels to help people abroad, save for that sweet spring vacation in Cancun or fulfill your dream of studying Shakespeare in England. Whatever journey you decide to embark on, you're going to want a passport! Getting a passport can take a few weeks or more so if you get it now, you'll have it when you need it.

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Jori Bonadurer - Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Jori Bonadurer is a freshman at Southern Illinois University where she's majoring in Secondary English Education. During high school, she spent most of her time inside a theater or behind a book. You can hear more of her story on her blog:

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