Each New Year presents us with a fresh list of goals and resolutions that we are hoping to accomplish, but we often lack the motivation to put our plans into motion. As college students, the best of intentions can often be smothered by a shroud of stressful obligations, leaving us depleted of energy and inspiration. Here are a series of influential videos, otherwise known as TED Talks, that may provide you with the motivation you need to initiate an effective 2019 school year. 

1. How to make stress your friend - Kelly McGonigal

To some extent, stress is present in all of our lives. According to health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, the best way to cope with stress is to acknowledge and embrace it. 

2. Your body language may shape who you are - Amy Cuddy

Although it is no secret that body language plays an important role in face-to-face communication, Amy Cuddy reveals that our own body language could be instrumental in molding how we view ourselves and, in turn, how we present ourselves to others. 

3. You don't have to be an expert to solve big problems - Tapiwa Chiwewe

Many of us may feel unqualified to tackle society's numerous overwhelming issues, but Tapiwa Chiwewe demonstrates that we are all capable of making a difference, regardless of our educational backgrounds.

4. The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven't met yet - Tanya Menon

Tanya Menon invites us all to take a step outside of our carefully constructed social networks to discover the opportunities that are hidden in plain sight: the untapped potential of new connections.

5. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator - Tim Urban

Whether we would like to admit it or not, we all procrastinate from time to time. Tim Urban keeps it real as he breaks down the thought process behind procrastination, and how it can interfere with all aspects of life. 

6. How to gain control of your free time - Laura Vanderkam

Time can be a tricky concept, especially when it comes to organizing our busy schedules. Productivity author Laura Vanderkam brings a valid point to mind. In reality, deferred tasks often attributed to lack of time are actually the product of low priorities.

7. My philosophy for a happy life - Sam Berns

The late Sam Berns continues to be an inspirational example of living above and beyond a medical diagnosis. The three points that guided his joyful life can be applied to the mindset of any college student. 

8. 10 ways to have a better conversation - Celeste Headlee

In a world of increasingly polarized division, radio host Celeste Headlee outlines a series of 10 steps that we all can take to improve our listening and productive conversational skills.  

9. Never, ever give up - Diana Nyad

Simple, yet powerful. When the stress of classes, relationships and other personal circumstances begin to overwhelm us, Diana Nyad's breathtaking story of survival and overcoming obstacles serves as a constant reminder of the power of determination. 

10. The art of stillness - Pico Iyer

Travel writer Pico Iyer presents an argument that is paradoxical to his career of constant movement but is compelling nonetheless. He emphasizes the value of the moments of inactivity that allow us to appreciate the complexity of the world around us. 

There you have it— 10 TED Talks that may be applied to both college and general life, and will hopefully serve as sources of inspiration for us all in the year to come. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels