Every Gator remembers the Tebow Era, the Golden Years, the happiest time to be a Gator.

Winning a BCS National Championship behind Chris Leak in 2006, Tim Tebow began his career as the Florida Gators’ starting QB in 2007. His reign consisted of a Heisman Trophy, another National Championship, lots of rushing yards, "jump" passes and many happy Gators.

It was a joyous time in Gainesville. Everyone was a Tebow fan. Growing up as a Gator fan and now current Florida Gator, I remember watching Tebow’s last game in the Swamp; flash bulbs everywhere, we were losing something special and we knew it.

His NFL career wasn’t as successful, however. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2010 (he just couldn’t shake the orange and blue). However, despite a dramatic playoff win in 2011, Tim was let go by the Broncos when they signed free agent, legend Peyton Manning. The next team to pick him up? The New York Jets. Despite the fact that sales for Tebow Jets jerseys skyrocketed just as the Denver ones did, he was released from the Jets in 2013. The New England Patriots were the next team to sign him in June of 2013. Unfortunately, two months later in August, Tebow was cut from the Patriots. Everyone thought he was done. But he wasn’t. In 2015, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Tebow. But he really didn’t soar far this time, being released following the Eagles' 4th preseason game.

It looked as if behind the SEC Network desk was going to be the only place we would see our beloved QB.

But just like so many times before, we were wrong.

Tim had more in him.

The orange and blue theme reigned again, earlier this month, Tebow was signed by the Mets…?

You read that right. Heisman winning QB Tim Tebow, is now in MLB territory. Playing in the instructional league of the Mets, he signed a minor league contract.

And so, on cue, Gator Fans cheered him on, investing in Mets jerseys. And Tebow doubters, laughing, showed up like they all have before.

And on cue, Tebow tuned everyone out and did his thing.

On cue, Tebow shut the doubters up and made Gator Nation roar. On the first pitch of his professional baseball career, the QB hit a homer.

ABC News

Knocking batting helmets with fellow Gator Pete Alonso after he knocked it out of the park, Tebow couldn’t be off on a better foot.

Tebow’s faith has been a big part of who he is. In his book “Through my Eyes: A Quarterback’s Journey”, Tebow speaks on his faith, family, football and his high school baseball career.

Chapter 24.

SBNation caught it.

Dreams do come true.

If you need me, I’ll just be over here in the corner… ordering my Mets jersey.

Go Gators and go Tebow.

Number 15 is everywhere again and Tebow Time has returned.

Lead Image Credits: Tim Tebow's Instagram