For ten years now, ESPN has joined with Make-A-Wish Foundation in making dreams come true. And lucky for us, they catch it all on camera with their inspiring series, “My Wish”. This year, ESPN convinced four athletic greats to join in their effort and give four pretty cool kids unforgettable experiences. So who did they call for help this year? NBA MVP Steph Curry, Houston Texans’ JJ Watt, four time All Star Bryce Harper and Alex Morgan and her World Championship team. Here is a snapshot of their stories.

Ashley, 14, is battling leukemia. Growing up with a twin brother, she developed a competitive spirit that she let show on the basketball court. But she had an even bigger agenda for her wish than just to meet an NBA great. Ashley looked to her best friend and biggest competitor, her twin brother Grant, and decided he deserved this wish too. With him in mind, she wished to meet Steph Curry with her brother by her side. Steph granted that wish. And Grant? He was completely surprised.

William, 9, also is battling the evil disease that is leukemia. But Will has no fear. Because he’s got the best protector there is: The Houston Texans’ massive Defensive End, JJ Watt. Walk into Will’s room and you will see a life sized wall sticker of JJ watching over him. Will’s wish was that JJ would come to his house for dinner. JJ did that and so much more. 

With a lifetime of kidney troubles ahead of her, Kaylan, 16, knows she is going to need multiple renal transplants throughout her life. For her, contact sports were ruled out from the beginning. So, the diamond became her home. This brave teen is head over heels for everything and anything softball or baseball… especially Washington Nationals’ Outfielder Bryce Harper. Kaylan wishes to put medical talk behind her for a day and hang with her favorite athlete. 

Mackenzie, 14, has lived through the game she loves being stripped from her grasps. Plagued by a neurological condition, Mackenzie went through a period wondering if she’d ever see a soccer field again. Her dreams came true, and she didn’t take just any soccer field. She took the field alongside World Cup Champion Alex Morgan and the rest of her epic team. 

Well ESPN, you did it again. Thanks for inspiring viewers everywhere. To go through all of their photos and stories, click here.

Leading Image Credits: JJ Watt's Instagram