Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Desmond Howard and Rece Davis sit behind a desk every Saturday morning in the fall. In a different city each week covering a different game, creating a very entertaining broadcast for the College Football World.

But most of the time, eyes aren’t even on the anchors.

They’re on the phenomenon happening behind them, that’s absolutely taken off: College GameDay signs.

Wherever GameDay sets up for that week's broadcast, each campus takes it into their hands to come up with the most hilarious, completely random and very creative homemade signs to hold up behind the live broadcast. It has swept the sports nation, all starting back in 1994 during the 3rd ever GameDay trip in Nebraska. 

One dude walked up and down in the shot of the live broadcast, holding a sign. It can’t be told exactly what his sign says, but we do know one thing for sure: this guy started something huge.

Ever since then, the trend has only grown. It’s become a spectacle; which campus can come up with the best signs?

Some take digs at the other team:

College GameDay, Twitter

Some are just completely random:

College GameDay, Twitter

Some are completely unrelated:

College  GameDay, Twitter

And some are so stupidly creative, you can’t help but laugh:

College GameDay, Twitter

These signs bring attention to some of the most random things. In Gainesville, “Jorts” (jean shorts) are a running joke. So, multiple signs saying “Gators Love Jorts” constantly appear. In a ESPN piece in 2014, then Florida starting QB, Jeff Driskel, recalls a time when he saw a sign that had a picture of him on his scooter… wearing jorts.


Bob Stoops has Bieber Fever? Will Muschamp listens to Nickelback?

While I’m almost positive Stoops isn’t the Biebs’ number one fan, Muschamp did reveal after seeing the Nickelback sign and looking up who Nickelback was, that he actually did like a few of their songs.

Don’t forget the guy who shows up with the “I’m Asian” sign.

Shout outs to Mom, creepy memes, random accusations about coaches, shots taken at players and these guys:

College GameDay, Twitter

All in good fun, this has become many fans’ favorite part of GameDay. 

Lifelong FSU and GameDay Fan, Lily Corso, has been to a few broadcasts to experience GameDay live and explains why the GameDay atmosphere is one of her most favorite things, and the signs only add to the excitement:

College GameDay is a great experience. From the frenzy of fans to the hilarious signs, there is a lot to take in. The atmosphere is amazing; everyone is cheering and tons people trying to get their signs some screen time… My favorite part are the signs. The crowd always has hilarious jokes or photoshopped images that make fun of the another team. One of my favorites that I remember from a past show was a sign that said 'SEC players can't read this sign', that one had me laughing... This fan interaction is a big reason why the atmosphere and the experience of College GameDay is like no other.

Junior University of North Florida student, Mary Lizzi, let Fresh U in on her love for GameDay. Lizzi is a sports fanatic and watching every Saturday morning, sometimes makes her wonder why she chose a school that lacks a football team:

Oh, how I love College GameDay! Frankly, College GameDay is the only day, during the fall semester, that reminds me to stop complaining about the stressful week I just crawled away from. It’s the only day when best friends may now become competitors. It’s the only day that makes me question why I chose a university without a football team of its own.

Lizzi chuckled, remembering her favorite sign she’s seen on her TV:

Definitely one I saw a Tennessee Fan with that said: ‘My Car is Probably Being Towed Right Now’. Why is that my favorite sign? Because I’ve totally been there before. But if I were at GameDay, I wouldn’t care either!
College GameDay, Twitter

Markers and poster board have taken over the nation.

Each week, each campus seems to get more creative and even a little more random with the signage.

Lizzi took the words right out of College Football Fans’ mouths:

College GameDay should be every day!

If only, if only.

We’ll keep dreaming.

Until next Saturday, we’ll just keep wondering: Does Josh Dobbs really suck at Checkers?

College GameDay,, Twitter

Lead Image Credit: College GameDay Facebook