Fresh U is a national online publication geared toward college freshmen. Since launching in June 2015, Fresh U has grown to a staff of 300 contributing writers on more than 100 campuses and has a media partnership with Teen Vogue. The publication’s content ranges from the new experiences of college life to surfacing local news stories on college campuses using its network of contributing writers. The publication offers brands the opportunity to reach a group of newly minted, Gen-Z consumers who are making hundreds of purchasing decisions as they prepare for college life.

Contributing Writer Application

Contributing writers pitch and create quality editorial content related to freshman year, college life, or current events. Writers have the opportunity to interact and network with hundreds of freshmen and incoming freshmen attending colleges across the country, create an online portfolio of written work and work one-on-one with Fresh U editors. Contributing writers also have occasional opportunities to work with Teen Vogue, Fresh U's media partner. These opportunities include (but are not limited to) being published on and contributing to original content for Teen Vogue.

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