Oh Winter Break. What a wonderful time of the year. For college students, it’s a time to unwind from the stresses of all-night study sessions and papers that share the same due date and to spend time with family and friends. However, in the midst of all the holiday parties and the good old get togethers with old pals, the thought of final grades lay in the back of every college student’s mind. If you've been incessantly checking to see if first semester grades have been posted, you are not alone.

I, for one, have been utterly freaking out over the fact that all my grades have been posted. Out of the five courses I took, I received four A’s and one B. Ever since middle school, I have strived for A’s. Anything below that equated to failure in my book. I believed academic perfection was everything, and if I didn’t achieve it, I believed I wouldn’t amount to anything in the future. My middle school and high school self would have thought of this one “B” as the end of the world, but college has changed my mentality. Grades aren’t everything.  

Okay well...Let me rephrase that. Yes. Grades don't make the world go round, but they do matter. However, let me tell you why having a few grades that aren’t up to your level of satisfaction is okay.

1. You tried your best. 


If you’ve tried your best in a class, then you shouldn’t feel too upset. It’s like running a race. If you’ve put in 100% of your effort in running it, but you don’t make first place, at least you can say that you’ve tried your best. Instead of fretting over it, you should look at the positives. There’s always the next race. Therefore, if you didn't see that A+ that you wanted, there's always next semester. 

2. It just wasn't you. 


Perhaps you didn't do so well in a course because it just wasn't a topic that interested you or it was subject that you weren't strong in. People excel in different areas of study. Not everyone finds science easy. In the same way, not everyone does well in the arts. For example, I find that I shine in science related courses like chemistry and anatomy, but put me in a literature course about Shakespeare's greatest works and I am completely lost. 

3. College is a learning experience. 


You live and you learn, right? Because that’s life. You learn from your mistakes. With the next semester, you can start over with a brand new slate. New classes. New faces. New Year. New you. If certain study methods didn't work out the first semester, you can try different ones after winter break. I know for one I will be changing my study environment. I've realized that I get rather distracted in my dorm room. Next semester, I will be a library regular. 

Grades are important. I mean, we all expect to do well in college; however, you shouldn't be down in the dumps if you didn't receive the grade you wanted. On the flip side, you survived the first semester of college! That in itself is an accomplishment, so don't sulk over your grades. Put a smile on your face and have an amazing rest of winter break. Next semester will be better.


Lead Image: US News