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Jan 31 2016
by Joanne Iglesias

The 9 Stages of Having a Class With Someone You Don't Want To See

By Joanne Iglesias - Jan 31 2016

You're ready to tackle second semester. New classes. New faces. We all know how exciting it is to have new classes, however, we all know what it's like to have that one class with someone you don't want to see. No one wants to see the "Ex-boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend" or the "Ex-best friend" or the "Guy/Girl You Hooked Up With Last Semester". Regardless of who you don't want to see, we all know that somehow they've left an imprint in our lives; an imprint that isn't easy to erase. 

Stage 1: Walking Into Class and Freaking Out

So you're walking into class and you see the last person you wanted to see. You spot a seat on the opposite side of the room and you grab it. You hope that they haven't seen you yet, and hopefully, you can get through class smoothly. 

Stage 2: Awkward Eye Contact and Sweaty Palms

Of course your efforts to avoid eye contact goes awry. He or she begins to stretch or crack his or her back, and there's that awkward moment of eye contact. That one second feels like an eternity. 

Stage 3: "Guess Who is in My Class?" Texts

So at this point, you might have tried to slip in that one text to your close friend informing them of your predicament. You send the classic, "Guess who is in my class?" text to all of your buddies, while they ask if you are doing okay.

Stage 4: Memories

At this stage, old memories, whether it be good or bad, come flooding into your mind. You find yourself in a day dream reminiscing in the past. You'll think of things they said to you and vice versa. 

Stage 5: Calming Yourself Down

You remind yourself that you can keep your cool. You take a couple of deep breaths and try to concentrate on the professor and take notes. 

Stage 6: Class is OVER

Class is finally over. You quickly pack your backpack and rush out of the room in hopes that no interaction is made with this individual.

Stage 7: Sigh of Reliefs

You breathe in a sigh of relief as you walk to your next class. You text your friends how everything went and you go on with the rest of your day putting that class at the back of your mind. 

Stage 7.5: Repeat of Stages

It isn't easy to just get over things that happened in the past. You might find that these stages repeat over a course of a few weeks.  

Final Stage: Realizing You Don't Care as Much as You Thought

At one point, you'll realize that you don't care as much as you thought you did. Things get easier. Making eye contact isn't as awkward as you thought it would be. His or her presence doesn't bother you as much as before. You're able to concentrate in class. You're past it. 

It's not easy to just forget things that happened in the past, but with time things get better. I know it's difficult to have to sit in a class with someone you don't want to see, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

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Joanne Iglesias - William Paterson University

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