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Feb 17 2016
by Joanne Iglesias

9 Scenarios All Freshman Nursing/Athletic Training Majors Will Understand

By Joanne Iglesias - Feb 17 2016

Nursing and athletic training are difficult majors. As a freshman nursing major myself, I know what it's like to have to study ALL the time. 24/7. All day, every day. Well..maybe not to that extent, but you know what I mean. There's a lot of me plus my textbook dates. 

To all the freshman nursing or athletic training majors out there, you know we've all encountered one of these scenarios at least once. I can definitely relate to about each and every one of them. 

1. Being Completely Lost 

We all know very well what it's like falling into a daze, and then all of a sudden becoming completely and utterly confused on whatever the professor is saying once you stop daydreaming. We've all felt completely lost at some point during an anatomy lecture, even for those who are paying attention. Dozing off for even a second means you practically miss a whole chapter of information. 

2. Saying "No" to A Party

The classic "No...I have to study" response. All science majors know it and have definitely used it at least once. I know I have. The amount of work to do and chapters to read never ends. 

3. Going to a Party, and Then Realizing You Probably Shouldn't Have Gone

Sometimes, we just need a break. You know, a few hours to just let loose. The idea of going out to party doesn't seem all too bad; however, when all the partying is over, you realize that you have SO much work to finish. You realize that you probably shouldn't have went out, but you live and you learn, right? 

4. Pulling an All-Nighter