Being a college freshman can be an overwhelming experience. Suddenly, you’re out in the world of higher education, and there’s nobody holding your hand and guiding you through it. You’re on your own, kid, and you’re going to need to seek out all the help you can get if you don’t want it to all become too much for you.

You’re going to have a lot on your plate: essays, deadlines, research, coursework projects--no wonder so many young students are finding their workload hard to cope with. However, if you ever find yourself struggling with the sheer amount of work you have to get through, stop panicking because you’re far from alone. The internet is packed full of fantastic resources for students, and the blogosphere has mountains of material designed to help you manage college life, organize yourself better, and get through it all with the grades you deserve.

1. Uloop

When researching helpful college blogs for this article, Uloop was the name thrown at me time and time again. It seems that students can’t get enough of the material on this blog, and many claim it has single-handedly got them through some of their biggest university life struggles!

The idea behind Uloop is to help students get the balance right between attending their classes, getting their work done, saving time, and enjoying the college life experience. Packed full of useful tips and simple-yet-effective ‘life hacks,’ it’s an invaluable resource for those who want their uni experience to be as stress-free and fulfilling as possible. If this blog is about one thing, it’s about finding and creating your strategy for managing your workload, and ensuring that you have time to have some fun as well.

2. The University Blog

Make no mistake: if The University Blog were around in my college days, I would have saved myself an absolute mountain of hassle. This is a blog (and a collection of blogs) which has become enormously popular in the student niche because it’s the very best of its kind, and is incredibly good at what it claims to do.

The University Blog is all about making college life not only more comfortable but also considerably cheaper. It gathers together top tips, links, and resources regarding how best to get scholarships and grants, how to choose colleges and courses, and--perhaps most useful of all--recommendations on top-notch and affordable student accommodation. As if that wasn’t enough, it also manages to pack invaluable things like writing tools and essay planning guides, too.

3. Thank You, Brain

The thinking behind Thank You, Brain is this: if you’re a student finding themselves somewhat overwhelmed by tasks, work, essays and problems to solve, there are many different ways you can approach this situation. You could outsource some of your workloads. You could curl up into a ball and panic. Or you could enhance your cognitive ability, exercise your mental powers, and gain the skills and mental capacities to handle them successfully. It goes without saying that the last of these options is the one this blog is based upon.

Thank You, Brain has been carefully and specifically designed to help students expand their brainpower, and learn new approaches to solve some of the everyday struggles that students face. The blog is bursting with tips and tricks on things like memory retention, speed reading, quick learning and applying practical skills, and the creators of the blog are tireless in their research and innovations. Highly recommended for those seeking to take their knowledge to the next level.

4. UReddit

We all know of Reddit, but among the student community, UReddit has almost taken its place when it comes to popularity and effectiveness. This is an amazing resource, where other students and members of the public share a vast amount of information, online courses, free lessons and presentations on pretty much every educational discipline you could possibly imagine. Want to understand cold fusion, master your knowledge of advanced trigonometry, or learn how to make the kind of casserole that your roommates will be talking about for months to come? It’s all on UReddit, along with lots more!

5. Essay Writing Guide

If a freshman is going to save time and hit those top grades at college, there are plenty of things he or she is going to have to learn. In many ways, essay writing is a tactical game; you have to learn the rules your college or course abides by, and then use them to your advantage. That means things like finding out your college’s preferred essay writing format, understanding their preferences for referencing, and then mastering these skills to save you time and please your tutors.

This authoritative Essay Writing Guide is stuffed with fantastic tips provided by academic experts on how to write the perfect thesis introduction, how to structure a winning essay, how to balance an argument and use source materials effectively… the list goes on and on. Once you’ve mastered these approaches, you’ll find your essay writing is easier than ever before. 

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