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Jul 03 2017
by Jessica Vuong

13 Facebook Pages and Groups for UC Davis Students

By Jessica Vuong - Jul 03 2017

With each and every day, social media is becoming a more integral part of everyone's lives. In college, social media is almost a necessity because it keeps you up to date with what's happening around you, lets you connect to your fellow classmates and helps you be more involved in campus opportunities. While Instagram and Twitter are great for sharing information, Facebook is probably the best way to meet new people, stay in the loop and make your life at UC Davis easier.

Let's start off with a list of the Facebook pages that UC Davis students should follow.

1. UC Davis Official Page

If you're going to be attending UC Davis, or you are attending UC Davis, you'll want to be following the official UC Davis Facebook page, of course! Here, you'll find the latest UC Davis news, upcoming events, new campus discoveries and more. If you're an incoming freshman, this is one of the best ways to learn more about the UC Davis community and what it can offer you. 

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2. UC Davis Class Page

The great thing about following your class page is that you will be with a pool of other students who are in the same year as you. Students use this page to ask common questions that first year students have, such as questions involving financial aid or moving into the dorms. This page is great for meeting new people and helping each other ease into the college lifestyle. 


3. UC Davis Stores

If you're going to college, you've got to own some college merch right? The UC Davis Stores sell everything from UC Davis branded clothing to books to laptops to fidget spinners and beyond. The UC Davis Stores page will keep you updated on new items being sold and any upcoming sales or promotions. The page will also remind you about Aggie Pride Friday, which is when you get 25 percent off all UC Davis imprinted clothing on the first Friday of each month, so you never miss a deal!

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4. Your Specific College's Page

UC Davis has four different colleges and you are placed in one of them based on your major. There is the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the College of Biological Sciences, the College of Engineering and the College of Letters and Science. Follow your specific college's page to learn about upcoming events hosted by your college, such as events where you can have coffee with the Dean and ask the faculty questions about your major. Some colleges, such as the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, host "study breaks" before finals, where students visit the Dean's office and get free study materials, snacks and coffee. You can find all of this information on their pages!


5. UC Davis Student Housing

If you're an incoming freshman and you're going to be living in the student housing dorms, then I highly recommend you follow the UC Davis Student Housing page in order to stay in the loop. Living in the dorms can be a little nerve-wracking at first, but the Facebook page will post all kinds of resources and housing events to help you get the best dorming experience. Very often, the residence halls will host academic workshops or residence hall parties for people to get to know each other and feel more comfortable. 

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6. UC Davis Memes

With all things educational put aside, you must allot some time for memes. This page is home to 100 percent organic memes that UC Davis students are sure to find hilarious. A scroll through this page during dark times (like midterm season) will give you the energy to carry on.


The Facebook pages above are all great resources for keeping up to date on what is happening around UC Davis, new opportunities and available resources. Let's move on to UC Davis Facebook groups, which are extremely fantastic for socializing with people, saving you money and making your life easier.

7. UC Davis Ride Sharing

This is easily one of the most helpful Facebook pages to be a part of, if you live within driving distance from UC Davis. Think of this group as the UC Davis version of Uber. Students use this page to offer other students rides back to their hometown over the weekend or to request rides to places. A perk about using this service to offer people rides is that you can earn money while you're at it. If you're offering a ride, simply comment where you're driving to, what time you're leaving, where you will pick and drop off people and how much money you're requesting. To give an idea about the price range, a one-way ride from UC Davis to San Francisco (or vice-versa) is around $10 while a one-way ride from UC Davis to Los Angeles (or vice-versa) would be about $30, depending on the driver. As students reach out to each other for rides, this is another great resource for meeting new people.


8. UC Davis Textbook Marketplace

Since we're all students here, we all know how ridiculously expensive textbooks can be. This group is the place to go to look for used textbooks at a cheap price or to sell your textbooks and earn some money. In my opinion, this is the cheapest place to go for textbooks, compared to discount book stores or online stores, because students are selling to other students and we are all just trying to help each other out. Buying books from this page will also make sure that you're buying the right books for the right professor, since all textbooks here are UC Davis specific. 


9. Textbook Exchange

This group is like a duplicate of the UC Davis Textbook Marketplace and pretty much has the same amount of members in it. Check out both of these groups for the textbooks you need before buying them elsewhere. 


10. UC Davis PDF Sharing

Similar to getting textbooks for cheap, this group is here to help you get PDFs for free! Yes, at UC Davis, we are all just trying to help each other out and this is another one of those ways. To save money, students use this group to share PDFs of textbooks with each other. 


11. Housing

If you're living in the residence halls your first year, you'll most likely be browsing this group around the winter months up until March, which is the time of year when students start finding apartments and potential housemates. Although this is a stressful process for first year students, this group makes it easier by allowing you to find people to room with, find leases to take over or find upperclassmen to join in with. I am proud to say that this is how my roommate and I found two other upperclassmen to share an apartment with, and we've been getting along ever since. How my roommate and I approached this was we contacted people on Facebook, scheduled a time to meet up and chat about our living habits and then toured the apartment complex. In about a week, those two upperclassmen got back to us saying they'd like us to join them and the rest is history!


12. Free & For Sale

In this group, you can find random things ranging from chairs to shoes to iPhones to bikes. This group is like an online thrifting catalog, since students use it to sell their used belongings and other students can use it to find amazing deals. If you're looking for something more specific, this group's description box has links to all the other Facebook groups that are set up for selling specific items. For example, there's a group for selling only clothing and accessories, one for selling meal swipes to the dining halls, one specifically for furniture, another for food deliveries and more. 


13. UC Davis Memes for Egghead Teens

Let's end this list off with memes, once again. This group is home to more UC Davis memes that are 100 percent made by UC Davis students with mad photoshop skills. The best way to describe these dank memes is #relatable. 


With this list of Facebook pages and groups worthy of your attention, you are now well equipped to becoming an Aggie at the University of California, Davis!

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Jessica Vuong - University of California, Davis

Jessica is currently attending UC Davis and majoring in Managerial Economics. She was vice-president of teensReach, a community service organization, and has competed in several SJPL art & design contests. She loves coffee, sarcasm, and rainy weather. Follow her on instagram: @jsscvng | pinterest: jessvjess | VSCO: jessvjess

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