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Oct 01 2017
by Jessica Vuong

10 Fun Things to Do on the Weekends at the University of California, Davis

By Jessica Vuong - Oct 01 2017

College and studying go hand-in-hand, but you can't just study 24/7. When the weekend rolls around it is the perfect time to go downtown or around campus for a good time. Davis, despite being a small town, can offer you a variety of things to do, from bowling to eating Italian ice to petting cows. On that note, here are some activities that UC Davis students can do on the weekends!

1. Explore the campus.

If you're a first year student at UC Davis, then what better way to spend your free time than exploring everything around you. UC Davis has the largest campus out of all the UCs, and we have cows, a newly built art museum, the Mondavi Center and so much more. So grab your bike, grab some friends and go explore!

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2. Watch a movie.

Downtown Davis has two cinemas, Regal Davis Holiday 6 and Regal Stadium 5, so you have double the choice of movies to watch. Watching a movie and munching on popcorn is an excellent way to relax for a couple of hours. If you're a frequent movie watcher then you might want to sign up for a Regal Cinemas reward card to reap the benefits.


3. Try one of the many restaurants downtown.

Downtown Davis is comprised mainly of cafes, restaurants and milk tea/dessert shops. Take advantage of all the eateries that Davis has to offer you by trying a different place each weekend with some friends. Burgers and Brew, Crepeville and Sam's Mediterranean Cuisine are a few hotspots that are delicious and not too far from the edge of campus. As for cafes, Temple and Mishka's Cafe are popular study spots with aesthetic interiors for your fall latte Instagram photos! Moving on to desserts, Sweet and Shavery is known for their Italian ice and creamy frozen custard, so trying out this place is a must. Within the past year, numerous milk tea places have been popping up in Downtown Davis so definitely grab yourself a drink when strolling through the area.


4. Go thrifting.

When you're not eating in Downtown Davis, you're probably shopping. As you probably know, the bank accounts of college students are not the most attractive so thrifting is great for saving some money. As a bonus, it also helps the environment (and UC Davis is named the world's most sustainable university!). Downtown, you can find the Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store, Boheme and more. If you'd rather not go downtown to shop, then go to the Aggie Reuse Store on campus. The Aggie Reuse Store is a student-run thrift shop located next to the Bike Barn and Silo. Here you'll find handmade crafts, clothing items, stationery and an abundance of other things for sale.


5. Shop at the farmers market.

Not too far from the edge of campus, across the street from Crepeville, is where you will find the weekly farmers market. After brunching with some friends, go try out food samples, buy pastries, listen to the musicians playing or simply hang out at the park where the market is located. 


6. Go bowling or gaming at the MU.

As of last year, the Memorial Union (MU) was officially renovated and re-opened. Now, there is a gaming center downstairs with bowling, video games, board games and jumbo Jenga. If you're living on campus in the dorms, then going to the MU with friends is a great way to have a good time without leaving campus.


7. Go outside of Davis.

Every once in a while, students will go on a short road trip to nearby places surrounding Davis, such as Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento and Vacaville, to name a few. If you're in the mood to shop, head over to the Vacaville Premium Outlets or to Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento. Head on over to San Francisco for some coastal fun or visit friends at UC Berkeley and experience a different kind of campus culture. 


8. Hang out at the Arboretum.

If you're in the mood for a chill weekend to clear your mind and de-stress, then the Arboretum is the place to be. The Arboretum is 100 acres of beautiful gardens with plant exhibits and lakes. Students usually come here to work out, enjoy the scenery and the squirrels in the area, do research or have cute picnic dates. The ideas are endless!

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9. Work out at the ARC.

If you'd rather workout indoors then go to the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). Inside you'll find weightlifting rooms, an assortment of workout machines, a rock climbing wall, tennis/badminton rooms, study rooms, a gift shop and more. The ARC also offers personal training, dance classes, group exercises, etc. if you're looking to learn a new skill.


10. Visit the cows.

Known as an agricultural school, UC Davis has on-campus cows that you can visit at any time. These cows are located at The Dairy, across the street from the Tercero dorm buildings, and can be visible from the dorm room windows. Stop by, pet them, take some photos and enjoy yourself!


Weekends are there for you to take a break, unwind and have fun. So once in a while, be sure to grab some friends and go see what Davis has to offer you!

Lead Image Credit: Kyle Ryan via Unsplash

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Jessica Vuong - University of California, Davis

Jessica is currently attending UC Davis and majoring in Managerial Economics. She was vice-president of teensReach, a community service organization, and has competed in several SJPL art & design contests. She loves coffee, sarcasm, and rainy weather. Follow her on instagram: @jsscvng | pinterest: jessvjess | VSCO: jessvjess

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