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Oct 31 2017
by Jessica Posey

A Guide to Dealing with Natural Hair In College

By Jessica Posey - Oct 31 2017

There comes a moment that all us naturals fear: college. Why? Because we’re trying to figure out how to deal with our hair outside of the comfort of our home. Adjusting to a new life in college means putting our hair, which requires a lot of love, to the back pedal, but who says we can't have our cake and eat it too?

1. Make room in your hair regimen. 

Wash Day, both dreaded and most look forward to, is time-consuming, as we naturals know. With essays, classes and a social life on top of that taking up most of our time, where is the time to take a day off and tend to our hair? Well, no one said college life was easy. You could multi-task. Studying for midterms? Use that studying time to let your hair get all the nourishment from deep conditioning. Got a class that day? Wake up early, do the necessary steps and pop a bonnet on and let that mane dry. This could be a perfect excuse for a bomb twist out.

2. Protective styling is your friend, honey.

If you absolutely have no time for your hair, protective styling is where the money is. Invest in some braids, crochet, twists, wigs or faux locs. This could be a blessing in disguise to let your hair flourish and grow without you messing with it. Be Beyoncé for a semester and rock those wigs or lemonade braids while letting your hair take a break. Don't forget to take care of the hair underneath, though.

3. Invest in head wear.


Headwraps and scarves, need I say more. Spice up your afro with these items and you automatically have a cute ‘do. This could also be a good thing for when you need to go to class but need to give your hair a burst of moisture with some deep conditioning. Just pop that headwrap or scarf on and you’re good to go.

4. Find someone who can do hair on campus.

If you’re new to being a natural, need advice or you want a cute protective style, don't be afraid to ask around on who knows how to do hair. There’s always a queen willing to help out another queen. This will also save you lots of money since they charge half the price of hairstylists or even better, will charge you nothing at all!

5. Rock your 'fro.

We've been blessed with beautiful kinky, coily and curly hair, so rock it and love it even if it frustrates you!

When it comes to natural hair, it takes a whole team to keep it in check. Your hair is your crown, so let’s take care of it and slay this semester!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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