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Nov 14 2017
by Jessica Posey

8 Students Share Why They Don't Drink in College

By Jessica Posey - Nov 14 2017

Ah, the stereotypical college life: classes, making lifelong friends and the unavoidable party scene. We’ve seen college students going to parties in movies, getting drunk and having a blast. Everyone has their reasons for choosing to drink and everyone has their reasons for choosing not to. I asked a couple of students why they choose not to drink in college. Here are eight reasons why.

1. Fear of the unknown

The consumption of alcohol leads to some questionable acts and can sometimes alter your memory. Kinisha J, a student at Fort Valley State University, gave the reason of not drinking because of “...fear of not knowing what I did that night the next day.” 

2. Access isn't granted

Some people don't prefer the taste. Hannah O. from Tulane University doesn't consume alcohol because “ doesn't taste good and I have no access to it.” 

3. Keeping Mental Health in Check

For some students, alcohol affects them in a different way. Alexandria M. at the University of the Arts says, “I don’t drink because I like to be in control [of] my actions and... alcohol stimulates my anxiety.” 

5. Not interested in drinking

Some students aren't drawn to the idea of alcohol. Jada C. at the University of Florida says, "the reason why I don't drink in college is because I'm not eager to have one. Some people get hyped about the fact that they don't have their parents around in college so they think they can do whatever they want... like drink."  

6. The effects of alcohol

Hangovers are sometimes not worth getting drunk. Terrence D. at Palm Beach State College says, "I don't drink in college because I can't stay focused... not to mention the fact that my head feels like a jackhammer for the whole day... all in all, it's the worst thing to do in college." 

7. Not about that lifestyle

Some students prefer to focus on school and clubs that means they have to sacrifice partying. Eva G. from the University of Central Florida says, "I don't drink because I don't have time for that and I don't really want to get sucked into that lifestyle."  

8. Family's or friend's history of drinking

Some people don't drink because of seeing the effects that alcohol has on the people they're closest to. Virginia H., from Florida State University, says, "the reason why I don't drink is due to being surrounded by people who drank excessively back at home."  

For some students, drinking in college is not a component in their experience. Whether it's not wanting to drink because of its after effects or simply not being interested in drinking, everyone has their reasons for consuming alcohol or not. The important thing to remember is that everyone's college experience is different. To drink or not to drink, everyone has their reasons.

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