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Jan 08 2018
by Jessica Posey

6 Things You Probably Stopped Caring About Once You Started College

By Jessica Posey - Jan 08 2018

College is the best years of our lives and also, the most stressful. Maybe I’ll rethink that when I have student debt and bills to pay, but for right now, it’s definitely college. With adjusting to adulthood and our hectic schedules, there are some things that are the least of our worries.

1. Getting straight A’s.

In high school, getting straight A's or even making the honor roll was a big deal. Our grades were important because the higher our grades, the better our chances of getting into college. But, in college, you learn that not getting an A isn't the end of the world. When it comes to a difficult college class, or just getting more lazy as the semester goes by, you may just want to pass the class. The saying “C’s get degrees” has never been more accurate as we struggle through essay after essay and deal with professors who never post our grades. 

2. Looking presentable.

Remember how the first week of high school was basically New York Fashion Week? Then the weeks following it involved seeing who could dress more shabbily? Yeah, the weeks following the first week of high school is everyday in college. Instead of caring about our outfits, we go to class in our pajamas, especially for those pesky 8 A.M. classes. It becomes more about comfort and laziness than trying to impress our peers.

3. Sleep

Sleep? What’s sleep? Adjusting to college is stressful. You’re on your own like you’ve never been before. Whether it’s staying up late doing an eight page essay you conveniently forgot about until the night before it was due or partying until the sun comes up, sleep becomes a stranger. 

4. Eating healthy.

With our busy schedules, there’s never time to eat something nutritious.  The college diet is usually red bull and coffee with a dash of junk food. 

5. What people think of you.

With college comes maturity. You learn that no one is as judgmental as they were in high school. We’re all too busy dealing with our own crap, let alone caring about anyone else’s. Sure, there are catty people, but they’re few and far between.

6. Wearing the same outfit twice.

Or thrice? Depends on how much you need to do laundry. Doing laundry is unfortunately a part of adulting. We use the excuse that we're saving water and coins by doing our laundry only once a month, but we're probably just lazy or too busy with school work and social life. I’ve been guilty of wearing the same clothes a few times in a row and I’m sure other people have. (Just me?... okay). 

They say you know you’re growing up when things that bothered you don't anymore, and it’s true. Just remember it’s okay if you wear an outfit twice in a row , or if you choose to eat ramen noodles instead of a balanced meal for dinner. Adjusting to adult life is hard and a learning process. And after college, well, it’s about to get real. 

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