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Aug 03 2015
by Jenni Ciesielski

7 'Parks and Recreation' Quotes that Sum Up the Summer Before Freshman Year

By Jenni Ciesielski - Aug 03 2015

1. Uncertainty

More than anything else, this gap between high school and college is a time of complete uncertainty. We are facing what is probably the biggest decision we have made in life so far, so with that comes a load of second guessing and fear. From choosing a major to orientation and the stress of signing up for classes, I know I’m not the only one who has no clue what I’m doing. But we’ve all made it this far somehow, and we have four years ahead of us to figure ourselves out. So if you’re feeling like Chris Traeger right about now, don’t worry about it!

2. Not quite being adults

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Now that we’re out of high school, we’re no longer kids any more. But since we haven’t left for school yet and are still under our parents’ roof, we’re not technically adults yet either. It’s a weird position to be in. Rules and curfews that were once reasonable now seem controlling and annoying. Like Ron Swanson here, we like to think that if there’s something we want to do, we can just do it. But, unfortunately, we have to suck it up and try our best not to break those rules for another month until we have our total freedom.

3. Goodbyes

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Since graduation, there’s a good chance you haven’t seen at least half of your classmates, and there’s a good chance you may never see them again. While it will definitely be heartbreaking to leave some people, like our best friends (see quote number seven), there are some people that we may not miss that much. And that’s OK. It doesn’t necessarily mean you hate anybody, it just means that there are some people who are better off left in our high school days. For example, it means no more awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact in the hallway with the boy you dated for two weeks in freshman year. So feel free to say your goodbyes and move on to that next chapter.

4. Attempts at adulthood

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It’s time to face the facts: we’re adults now. Soon we’ll be buying our own groceries, doing our own laundry and even filing our own taxes. Yikes. If this thought terrifies you, you’re not alone. How do you pick the right apple in the produce section of Publix? Is it really necessary to separate the darks and the whites? More likely than not, at least one attempt at adulthood will end up like Andy Dwyer’s here, and that’s alright. Practice makes perfect, and we’ve got the next four years ahead of us for all the practice we need.

5. Summer jobs

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I have yet to meet a rising college freshman who doesn’t have a job this summer. Whether it’s lifeguarding, waiting tables or bagging groceries, nearly all of us are slaving away for a mere $7.25 an hour. As much as it’s a major buzzkill, we gotta do it now so that we can live like Tom Haverford this fall. So the next time you consider quitting and just watching Netflix on your laptop all day (we’ve all done it), just think of how great it will be to check your bank account in September and not see “$0.00."

6. Leaving your high school best friend(s)

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College is a great place to meet new friends. Many times I’ve been told that the friends I meet in college are probably going to be in my wedding someday. Although this is exciting to think about, it does little to lessen the pain of leaving your high school friends behind. Unless you’re one of the lucky few going to the same school as your best friend, chances are you’ll miss them like crazy (I know I will). Luckily for us, we live in the 21st Century so it’ll be relatively easy to keep contact with those few people we absolutely cannot do without. Now obviously we can’t be stuck in the past and use our current friends as an excuse to not make new ones, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave them behind. So if you’re ever lonely, don’t hesitate to text, FaceTime or Snapchat your high school bestie.

7. Treat yo' self.

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In the fantastic seven-year run of "Parks and Recreation," I don’t think there’s any scene that will be remembered more than this one. Want to get a super cool futon for your dorm? Treat yo' self. Can’t decide if you want to spend your latest paycheck on Fall Out Boy tickets? Treat yo' self. Debating whether or not to get Chipotle for the third night in a row? Treat. Yo'. Self. You’ve worked hard to make it to this point in life and will most likely have to work even harder in these next four years. So try to stop the worrying for a little bit, enjoy this time in your life and treat yo' self.

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Jenni Ciesielski - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jenni Ciesielski is a rising freshman at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in completely and totally undecided. Along with writing, she likes corgis, Thor and inserting Spongebob quotes into everyday conversation. You can follow her on Twitter @yayjennic. Go Heels!

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