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Oct 11 2016
by Jenna Ciccotelli

Students Are Accusing NC State Of Spying On Them

By Jenna Ciccotelli - Oct 11 2016
Student safety is a huge concern on college campuses, so when North Carolina State University officials installed security cameras to monitor entrances in some fraternity and sorority houses at the beginning of the year, it seemed like a good idea.

According to Campus Reform, there are reports that these cameras are doing more than ensuring safety. Multiple sources told the college news website that the surveillance cameras were installed at angles that allow the university to view other activities taking place in the room. Essentially, they're accusing NC State of spying on them.

Campus Reform

NC State officials told Campus Reform they are simply doing their job, saying:

 Video cameras are a part of the university’s security plan designed for the protection of students.

They explained that the school's plan also calls for cameras at "the entrances and exits of all buildings on campus."

Campus Reform

Students are taking a stand against the alleged spying. Cameras in the Sigma Phi Epsilon house were covered by students after they determined just how much of the house was visible. The students responsible, who are being sought out by campus officials in order to be reported to the student conduct office, told Campus Reform that interfering with the cameras directly was a last resort as they had been waiting for over a month to have the view of the cameras adjusted.

While these surveillance cameras may seem like a good idea at first glance, students' right of privacy is in question. It's important that officials do not mix up privacy and protection.

Lead Image Credit: Campus Reform

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Jenna Ciccotelli - Northeastern University

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