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Jul 26 2016
by Jenna Ciccotelli

Snapchat Screenshots Help Convict Rapists

By Jenna Ciccotelli - Jul 26 2016

Warning: Some of these descriptions may be too graphic for some.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps today -- over 150 million people worldwide use it daily. The app is a great way to see what your friends and the rest of the world are up to. Most recently, Snapchat was used for an even greater cause: to convict two attempted rapists.

In 2014, Timothy Cyckowski and friends Rashad Deihim, then 21, and Kailyn Bonia, then 20, along with a then 16 year old girl, met behind a Saugus, Massachusetts elementary school. Cyckowski posted graphic footage of his friends sexually assaulting the intoxicated teen to his Snapchat story.

Sydnee Enos, a friend of the teen, took screenshots as she watched Cyckowski's story, which included footage of her friend naked in the woods as well as being held in a headlock and kissed by Bonia -- all the while pleading with them to stop. Enos informed her parents, who then went to the police.

"The police...found the girl half-naked in the woods “literally within hours of dying” from drug and alcohol overdose," according to Elite Daily. "An emergency-room doctor testified the girl was nearly unconscious, bruised and scraped and had to be revived with Narcan not once, but twice."

The victim, now 18, told the jury that she remembered being unclear as to what was going on and waking up "naked and confused." Enos' screenshots, along with more videos from Cyckowski's Snapchat story, were shared with the jury as well. 

According to Elite Daily, Cyckowski has pleaded guilty to several charges, and his father has pleaded guilty to destroying evidence. Deihem and Bonia were found guilty of multiple assault and battery, attempted rape, and kidnapping charges. They will be sentenced this September. 

Please be safe and look out for your friends and family.

Lead Image Credit: Jonathan Velasquez via Unsplash

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Jenna Ciccotelli - Northeastern University

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