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Sep 12 2016
by Jenna Ciccotelli

Indiana University Amends Agreement That Targeted Frats and Sororities

By Jenna Ciccotelli - Sep 12 2016

In early August, Indiana University officials proposed a new document that would allow university personnel to enter a fraternity or sorority house without permission under certain circumstances. Now, due to protest from Greek life organizations on campus and national outrage, the agreement has been reworded.

The old agreement read as follows, according to Total Frat Move:

"Authorized university personnel may enter common spaces and private rooms when there is probable cause to believe that violations of this Agreement, Indiana University policy, or law are being committed and that a delay to procure a search warrant would endanger the health and safety of residents, or result in the probable destruction of evidence."

Indiana University spokesperson Margie Smith-Simmons believes the controversy was just a misunderstanding, but believes the agreement's new wording is a better fit for students. 

"We are not violating the 4th amendment rights. We want to protect their rights and it’s important for us to do that — and it’s important that that be reflected in the contract," she told Indiana Public Media.

Official text of the latest agreement has not been released, but according to Indiana Public Media, the wording is more limited and allows university police to "enter only if they believe laws are being broken."

The new version of the agreement is a step in the right direction on the part of Indiana University officials, but it hasn't fixed everything. According to Total Frat Move, Greek organizations on campus are already feeling the increased police presence at the houses. 

If this agreement isn't properly handled, it's clear to see how actions taken on behalf of it could be easily misconstrued as a violation of 4th amendment rights. 

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