New research suggests that sad music actually makes us feel better.

According to the University of Durham, researchers from the University along with a team from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland studied the emotional experiences of 2,436 people who listened to sad music. Total Sorority Move interpreted the full report: after participants listened to sad music, the majority felt better.

"Sad music is [also] associated with a set of emotions that give comfort to the listener, and where memories and associations play a strong part of making the experience pleasant. These experiences were often mentioned to confer relief and companionship in difficult situations of life," said Dr. Henna-Riikka Peltola, who co-authored the study. Dr. Peltola also ackowledged the negative responses after listening to sad music, which were linked to personal loss. “A large number of people also associated sad music with painful experiences. Such intense experiences seemed to be mentally and even physically straining, and thus far from pleasurable.”

Researchers are hopeful that the findings of the study will help further advance the field of music therapy. Now we can turn up our Adele playlists a little bit louder the next time we need her.

Lead Image Credit: Julian Fernandes via Unsplash