Following the release of a letter from the victim to attacker and, later, the comments of the attacker's father, Brock Allen Turner's rape case has taken social media by storm. Petitions circulated by and UltraViolet have gathered millions of signatures in favor of removing Judge Aaron Persky from his position for his role in the case, and members of Congress are voicing their support.

Turner, who was a student at Stanford University, was convicted on three counts of sexual assault after he was found raping an unconscious woman. These charges carry a maximum penalty of 14 years in a state prison, but Turner was sentenced to six months with probation in a county jail, with Persky claiming that a prison sentence would have "a severe impact on him."

Senator Barbara Boxer, a Democrat who represents California, was shocked by the sentencing. "Six months for someone who viciously attacked a woman, especially after she was so brave to come forward, is outrageous," she said in a statement.

Texas Republican Ted Poe, who is a former judge, told The Huffington Post he feels Persky should be removed from his position.  "The judge was wrong on this," he said. "Car thieves get more than 6 months in jail and this is a crime against a person."

Persky has not commented on the case after his sentencing of Turner.

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