A new study published in Frontiers in Psychology suggests that feeling sad when you listen to unfamiliar, poignant music means you may be more empathetic.

According to Cosmopolitan, the researchers asked 102 people from age 18 to 67 to listen to "Discovery of the Camp," an instrumental piece featured in the TV miniseries Band of Brothers. 

After listening, the participants were asked how the song made them feel. 

Cosmopolitan reported that, based on these answers, the individuals were separated into three groups: those who experienced "relaxing sadness," those who experienced "nervous sadness" or those who experienced "moving sadness" before being put through a series of tests that measured empathy.

"Ultimately, the researchers found that people who experienced moving sadness while listening to the piece were more likely to have high empathy scores than those who experienced relaxing or nervous sadness," Cosmopolitan reported.

Do you think you're more empathetic than others? Put some headphones in, close your eyes and listen to the song and see where you would fall in this study.

Lead Image Credit: Isaac Ibbott via Unsplash