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Sep 19 2016
by Jenna Ciccotelli

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Is Hitting FSU Hard

By Jenna Ciccotelli - Sep 19 2016

An outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease at Florida State University has prompted the cancellation of several events, including a night of fraternity rush week.

“We are aware of more than a dozen cases so far,” Lesley Sacher, director of the FSU Health and Wellness Center said in a university release, according to the Tallahassee Democrat

Included in the dozen cases is a group of fraternity members, whose infection prompted the university to cancel Tuesday's rush week activities. Rush week will continue from Wednesday forward.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the viral infection is commonly found in babies and toddlers but is sometimes found in adults. It is spread, among other things, through close personal contact with an infected person or contaminated surfaces and can cause fever, skin rash, and mouth sores. There is no cure, but the virus runs its course in about five days.  

FSU students have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to the outbreak, ranging from genuine concern to pop culture references.

“The most important piece of advice is to wash your hands often with soap and water,” Sacher said, according to the Tallahassee Democrat

Crews at the university have sanitized all affected living areas and advised students in any type of university housing to disinfect living spaces and communal bathrooms and make use of hand sanitizer.

I'm going to go wash my hands now.

Lead Image Credit: Florida State University via Facebook

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Jenna Ciccotelli - Northeastern University

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