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Nov 05 2016
by Jenna Ciccotelli

Apple is Changing the Peach Emoji So It Doesn't Resemble A Butt

By Jenna Ciccotelli - Nov 05 2016

Emojis have become a perfect way to more easily express what we want to say, and in most cases, they come in handy. Especially that good old peach emoji: good for general conversation about the fruit, your upcoming vacation to Georgia...and when you need a less prominent way to bring up your behind.

The peach emoji's relevance to a butt has come in handy in the social media worlds of fitness and sexting, but Apple is about to change that. According to Cosmopolitan, Apple just released iOS 10.2 to registered developers, and with it, released a much more realistic peach emoji.

You probably can't even find the peach in the above tweet: if you need some help finding the now unrecognizable fruit, it's in the second row, third from the left, hanging out next to the eggplant (which has also been used to refer to a sexual body part.)

On Twitter, people are freaking out over the loss of the peach. Naturally. Even Stephen Colbert is chiming in. 

If  you're mourning the loss of the peach emoji, have no fear: according to Cosmopolitan, Apple is introducing more emojis that will make appearances in both your grocery lists and your sexts, including a carrot, a baguette, and a cucumber.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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Jenna Ciccotelli - Northeastern University

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