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Sep 30 2016
by Jenna Ciccotelli

A Penn State Roomie Horror Story Is Going Viral

By Jenna Ciccotelli - Sep 30 2016

Not all roommates have to get along, but it's certainly a lot easier if they can handle living together without subtweeting or calling the police on each other. Unfortunately, that's not the case for Jessica Taylor and her roommate Nikki.

"Right off the bat she annoyed me," Taylor told The Washington Post of her roommate at Pennsylvania State University. 

According to The Washington Post, the two battled over sleeping arrangements and cleaning, among other things. Unfortunately, neither girl wanted to discuss the growing list of issues, and Nikki took to Twitter to vent. Taylor discovered the tweets, printed them out, and posted them around their dorm room.

"My roommate situation is a horror story," Nikki tweeted, adding to the thread later on regarding Taylor's potential whooping cough and her desire to move in with somebody else next year.

The trouble didn't end there. Taylor posted screenshots of a text conversation between the two, in which Nikki explained her decision to call the police because Taylor "had weed."

"I live there and don't want to smell weed when I come home from class," she wrote.
"If it bothered you you have a conversation with me about it not call the police," Taylor countered back.

The Washington Post reported that one of Nikki's friends came into the room and tore down Taylor's subtweet display. Taylor also tweeted an image of her name torn from the door, blaming it on Nikki's friends.

The Washington Post also reported that Taylor called campus police to report harassment. Nikki is trying to "lay low," a friend told The Washington Post. "She regretted her tweets, and that any of this had happened."

Taylor tweeted that there is a chance both girls will have to move out of their dorm.

This story isn't the first roommate horror story to come out of this school year so far. A freshman at UCLA tweeted an email she received from her demanding roommate that went viral

Unfortunately, these girls have more to worry about than their living situations -- there is a chance that their reputations for the future are tarnished due to what they have posted on social media. 

Just remember to think before you post.

Lead Image Credit: Jessica Taylor via Twitter

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