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Feb 27 2016
by Jayde Anzola

An Open Letter to the Person that Was Right All Along

By Jayde Anzola - Feb 27 2016

Dear mom,

It’s hard to for me to start this out, other than by stating the blatantly obvious that you were right. You were right about everything all along, and as it gently stabs at my pride, I have to admit that you knew exactly what you were talking about when it came to pretty much everything in my life thus far.

You were right when you said that it won’t hurt in a year. You know how heartbroken I was my senior year, and you held me as I cried and when it hurt to breathe. You let me stay home when I needed my time away, but you always pushed me to go back to school. Looking back now, about a year later, it doesn’t hurt as badly anymore. I no longer have that aching in my heart that I truly believed would never go away. You would hold my head on your chest and tell me that everything was going to be okay. And now, I know that it will be.

You were right when you said boys suck. I don’t need much of an explanation when it comes to that. The only boy I can count on is dad, and I’m sure he would be quick to agree. It’s so prominent in our society to try and find a “bae” at this age/stage of life, and following peer pressure, I thought I needed a boy to validate my self-worth. But, boys actually suck and most of them are pretty irrelevant.

You were right when you told me that I would miss my sisters so much when I left for school. I never thought that I would miss arguing with them over silly things, the countless times they would irritate me for no reason, or laughing so hard we could barely breathe. I would give anything to have them live in my dorm room with me so we could laugh about Vines and take countless numbers of selfies again.

You were right when you said friends come and go, but family is forever. I never thought I would ever grow apart or lose the friends I had. But when that inescapable part of life came to be, your words couldn’t have rung more true. No matter how true those friends seemed to me at the time, sometimes life changes people, and sometimes people just change, and they no longer need to play a part in my life. And that was heartbreaking to deal with, but you always comforted me with the sweetest words.

You were right when you said I would miss being at home. I don’t miss being back in our dreaded hometown, but I do miss being around my family. I miss home-cooked meals, watching movies together, the cats, and just sitting around talking together. The little things are what I miss the most. It’s hard at times to be away from what I’ve come to know and love, but it’s only making me appreciate everything I left behind.

You were right when you said college was going to make me grow and change as a person. I’ve changed in so many ways, but I think every change I’ve encountered has made me a stronger, more independent woman ready to tackle the challenges life will throw at me. I’ve been in so many new situations and put into scenarios that I couldn’t imagine being in just a mere year ago. I feel ready to tackle the world and to face the rest of my years at Purdue because of what you’ve taught me.

You have become my truest and best friend simply because you have been right about so many things so far. I know you’ll never turn your back on me, and I know you always have my best interest at heart, even if it doesn’t seem like it to me at the time.

I love you, mom. Thank you for making me strong.

Love always, 

Your little girl

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Jayde Anzola - Purdue University

Jayde is a freshman at Purdue University studying Public Relations and Communications with a minor in Spanish. When she's not writing, you can find her wandering around campus with her camera, FaceTiming her mom, or rewatching Gossip Girl. You can follow her on Instagram @jaydeanzola!

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