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Jul 07 2015
by Jayde Anzola

6 Not-So-Necessary Items for Your Dorm Room

By Jayde Anzola - Jul 07 2015

With committing to your university of choice comes a multitude of emotions. There’s this thrilling new excitement riddled with just a touch of anxiety and the eager anticipation of who you’re going to room with, your classes that make high school look like a piece of cake, freshman orientation and of course your dorm room! Your universities will more than likely send you a list of all the things they’ll provide in your little 11’ x 7’ like a mattress, desk, dresser, tiny closet, trash can and maybe even a lamp. Then they’ll give you a list of things that you will need to provide on your own like sheets, microwave, mini fridge, TV, rug and other personalized dorm items. But there are a few things you shouldn’t miss out on bringing with you that may make the transition just a little easier.

1. A picture of you and your high school best friends

Leaving your hometown and all of your high school friends and memories can house quite a bit of sadness as you walk away from some of your better years. But fear not; you don’t have to completely shut out those people that made you laugh until your sides hurt. Bring a picture of you and all of your high school besties to put up on your side of the room! Every time you glance at it, you’ll always have a good memory come to mind. High school wasn’t meant to last forever, but the memories will always hold a special place in your heart.

2. A picture of you and your family

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I feel as if it’s skipped over way too often. There’s not going to be anything more humbling or comforting than a picture of your number one fans since the beginning of you. It’ll also remind you to call your mom and thank her for the care package of microwave popcorn and M&M’s she sent you a week ago.

3. A camera

College is going to be one of the most unique and most fun experiences of our lives! There will be so many unforgettable memories and special moments you’ll want to capture! Personally, I'm going to be taking my friends on spontaneous photo shoots around campus because photography is one of my passions! A camera is a great investment no matter what kind you get because you're definitely going to want to look back at these years and remember all of the smiles.

4. A teddy bear

As childish as a teddy bear may seem, chances are that if you do have one, it probably has the scent of your house and your room on it, and there’s nothing that could comfort your homesickness like the aroma of your home. And plus, you can dress it up in gear for your school and cuddle with it when it storms! And if you don’t have one, it will make a great bonding experience with your friend that sits next to you in chemistry lecture or even your roomie if you head to Build-A-Bear and make one!

5. Your favorite novel

In between studying for your anatomy test, writing a speech, volunteering and getting some zzz’s, reading something not on your homework to-do list seems crazy and entirely out of the question. But there will be a few nights here and there when you’re going to have some downtime and what better way to relieve some stress than by reading your absolute favorite novel even if you’ve read it a billion and one times.

6. Your favorite movie

Along the same lines as your favorite novel, there will be at least a few nights where you’re going to need to relax and unwind. Plus, there’s nothing better than laughing at the same cheesy jokes in your favorite comedy or tearing up at the sappy overload of love in a Nicholas Sparks romance. Plus, what better way to spend time with some equally stressed out friends?

There are so many things that you could bring to make your little dorm room feel more like home, but the last thing you want to do is try and cram your entire bedroom into that tiny shared space. Having a few things here and there that can be easily stored or put up on the wall certainly won’t overload your space. It’s always good to have those things that helped bring you to where you are now and the things that will help in that transition from high school to college.

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Jayde Anzola - Purdue University

Jayde is a freshman at Purdue University studying Public Relations and Communications with a minor in Spanish. When she's not writing, you can find her wandering around campus with her camera, FaceTiming her mom, or rewatching Gossip Girl. You can follow her on Instagram @jaydeanzola!

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