Taking the full amount of credits sounded like a really good idea to me for some reason. I figured that if I take a good amount of credits this semester, I could start my path to an early graduation, but let me tell you — I'm two weeks in and I'm already drowning in work. Why did I think this was a good idea? Let's look back on the process of how I got here.

1. Telling my family that I'm taking 20 credits. 


Watch me slay this semester!

2. Bragging to my friends at school about the 20 credits.


My friends all ask if I'm serious and are shocked when I tell them I am.

3. Thinking that this was a solid plan. I'm so smart.


I was so proud of myself for thinking of this. 

4. Realizing that more credits means more textbooks which means I have no money.


But who needs food, new clothes or anything at all, really?

5. Going to class on the first day, I've got this. 


Stanley's look says it all. Watch out second semester.

6. Seeing all of the work on the syllabi. 


I just got the shivers. There's so much work that is going to need to be done, which means a lot of late nights and coffee.

7. Then when it comes time to do said work.


I really don't want to do it. You can't make me.

8. Realizing how bad of an idea this was.


Who let me do this? Also, why do professors think I'm ONLY taking their class?

9. When you're so busy that you forget about deadlines until they sneak up one you.


Luckily, I have enough time to get them done... when I don't sleep.

10. But then realizing, "You know what? I got this."


It's like a second wind. I'm pumped up! Let's do this!

11. But then you don't got it.


Nevermind. What was I thinking?

12. Your friends giving you that "I told you so" look.


This gives me a burst of determination to prove them wrong. Whatever major loser.

13. So many readings, papers and projects.


Haha, who was I kidding? My friends were right. 

14. And having to say no to plans because you have homework.


Hearing thumping music through the wall, but having to keep studying. 

15. Why did I do this, again? 


This was such a bad idea. Help me.

Only about a week and a half in, I realized that I had taken on too much. Besides 20 credits, I was doing multiple extracurricular activities and I just got a job as a tour guide on campus. I dropped a class and luckily I am down to 18 credits somehow. Try to be smart when it comes to putting more on your plate, and only keep doing what you're really passionate about! Good luck on your second semester!

Lead Image Credit: NBC Universal