Imagine sitting in your room scrolling through the internet, singing along to a song and then finding out a few hours later that your sister had posted a video of you singing on Twitter for everyone to see.

This is exactly what happened to Erin Wise, a 17 year old high school student from Belmont, California. Erin was sitting in her room on Twitter when she decided to sing along to one of her favorite songs. What she didn't know was that her sister, Kendal, was taping her and planning on putting the video of her sister on Twitter. When it was posted, the video started to accumulate a few likes and retweets, then a few hundred and now it has collected a few thousand.

Fresh U talked with Erin over Twitter to learn about her singing and how the video came to be.

Kendal (left) and Erin (right), posted with permission from Erin via Twitter

Can you explain to us what happened the night that the video was taken on?

"My sister & I are extremely close, and our schedules are both a lot more hectic now in comparison to when we were younger. Whenever we get some down time, we're usually just at home, chilling in my room, updating each other on our lives/listening to music, and that's exactly what that was. It was like a Saturday night, she was on my bed, and I was at my desk scrolling through Twitter on my laptop and we had just been jamming to music as usual."

Did you know, at all, that your sister was recording you?

"I had zero clue...a few hours later I get a mention from one of my friends on Twitter that said "ERIN WHATTT", and I was like 'what the heck'. Then I checked and Kendal had uploaded a video of me singing, and it already had like 300 RTS!"

What did you think when your sister posted the video to Twitter?

"I was just extremely confused, and nervous, and a little mad at first honestly, I'm not gonna lie. I was mostly just shocked at how many people were giving me such wonderful feedback. The only people I've ever sung around is my family, and they've always told me that 'I can sing' but I didn't really think much of it because that's just my family, you know what I mean? They could've just been being nice."

What song were you singing along with?

"The song is called 'I'd Rather be Blind' by Etta James, but that version in particular was a cover by the American Idol contestant named Colette Lush. She's extremely talented, I admire her so much!"

I can’t stop watching your video, it’s amazing! Have you ever taken any vocal lessons?

"Thank you so much! But no, I've actually never taken vocal lessons."

What did you think when it started to get attention?

"I was honestly rattled, there's no other way to describe it. Like, the fact that I didn't know she recorded me and posted it, and that I didn't see it until like 3 hours already had like 200 likes from friends as well as strangers, it was completely mind-boggling."

Is singing one of your main hobbies or is it something you like to keep to yourself?

"I keep singing to myself because I'm a pretty shy person, so I've never participated in a musical or theater production or anything like that. However with the amount of attention this video got, I want to start making covers of songs."

Who did you mention in the middle of your video? Have they seen your video?

"Her name is Quenlin Blackwell aka 'quensadilla.' She's a Vine comedian who I have followed for a while because she's HILARIOUS. She happened to notice it and retweet it which I was stoked about because I've loved her for so long!"

Has anyone come up to you at school talking about the video?

"Yeah! A variety of people have come up to me and told me how much they loved the video, my voice, etc. It's so nice having support from my classmates and friends at school."

Do you have any future plans that involve singing or going to school for a music based program?

"Starting a YouTube channel would be awesome; I am definitely considering it. I think to start out though, I will make covers and post them to the music app Soundcloud just for the practicality of it."

Make sure to follow Erin on all of her social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Snapcht (eduubbs), and watch the video of her singing along to Colette Lush's cover of "I'd Rather Be Blind" by Etta James below.

Lead Image Credit: Kendal Wise via Twitter