Finals are *finally* here, and that means that you're almost done with your first semester in college! You can finally count down the days until you get to see your pets, families and friends again, and that should give you enough motivation to finish off the semester on the best foot possible. 

But as you'll see during your first finals week, not everybody is in the same boat as you. There are going to be plenty of people that are ready to ace the exam, plenty of people who would rather drop out and everyone in between. Here are 10 people you will most likely meet during finals week.

1. The Overly-Prepared Student


This is the person that has reread every chapter of the textbook, plus has studied three extra chapters that aren't supposed to be on the test just for safety measures. 

2. The Last-Minute Crammer Student


With everyday that goes by, there is one less "tomorrow" to start studying. By the time they decide to actually study, the final is the next day. 

3. The Doesn't-Need-to-Study-but-will-Still-Ace-the-Exam Student


How do they do it? These are the people that have retained the knowledge from when they learned it and now they don't need to review the material because they're so confident in themselves.

4. The Crying Student


There is just too much to learn in too little time. Their textbook pages have been warped by their tears; signs of this person may be a red nose, a box of tissues and wet eyes.  

5. The I'd-Rather-Watch-Netflix-Than-Study Student


"The Office" will help them on the final just as much as going over notes would. Who needs to get ready for finals when Michael Scott is there to help us forget about the upcoming hellish week?

6. The  "What class is this again?" Student


This person barely comes to class and shocks everyone when they show up for the final. How will they even know the material if they showed up for syllabus week and a few other classes here and there? You better be getting a better grade than this person...

7. The Worrying Student


They have a 97.5% class grade as of this moment. They will complain that they know nothing on the test and that they're going to fail the class, but will end up getting a 100% on the exam. They get worked up for nothing, but everything will turn out alright in the end. 

8. The "What grade do I need to pass this class?" Student


There's always the one person that doesn't have a great grade, but doesn't have a horrible grade. They will calculate what the lowest grade is that they can get on the final to still pass the class.

9. The So-Stressed-that-I'm-Not-Stressed Student


Because there are so many final projects, presentations and exams to be stressed about, their body seems to turn down the worry center in their brain. It's like there is an overload of stress, so they don't feel stressed at all. They seem to be doing okay on the outside. 

10. The I'm-Ready-to-go-Home-Already Student


This person is already packed so that after their last exam is over, they can grab their bags and drive home or get to the airport. They're so excited to get home that they can't leave any time to pack, clean or do anything else. One foot is already out the door as they turn in their test. 

As your first finals week comes and passes, remember to breathe. This is the last thing that you will have to do during the Fall 2016 semester. So give one last push through the end of the semester, and then leave campus and enjoy your break at home. Give a quick look over your notes, go kick butt on your exams and have a great holiday season!

Lead Image Credit: Ryan Seacrest Productions